Summer Fun in Rosarito Beach – Car Insurance for Mexico

car insurance for Mexico

Driving to Rosarito Beach from San Diego

Many people don’t want to compete with the Southern California beach traffic. If that applies to you, you might seek a more peaceful experience south of the border this summer. Rosarito Beach may not provide you with the calm that you seek, but it is a great spot to enjoy summer events, surfing, and beach combing while you dine on fish tacos and other local flavors. You can use this as a place to get your feet wet as a Mexican tourist, but don’t make a newbie mistake by forgetting to pick up car insurance for Mexico. Traffic closer to the border can be more tense, making a Mexican insurance policy an important investment for any foreigner crossing into the region.

Mexican insurance for San Diego

Rosarito Beach horseback ride

Rosarito tourist attractions

The beach is a great attraction for many who cross into the area frequently. However, it may be the periodic events that are aimed at those beachgoers that are the best attractions. People organize concerts, art shows, and other activities throughout the summer months. This allows both locals and foreigners to enjoy the free-spirited summer months. Tourism in recent years has increased in the region, and there are events to draw people of varying interests. You might want to go horseback riding or play golf in an oceanfront setting. Or you can look for bike races or 5K races to take part in. And you may just want to explore shopping venues as you adjust to using pesos. A vehicle is helpful for carting your purchases back home, though without insurance for Mexico you could deal with serious problems if you have an accident.

Fun fact: Authorities require car insurance for Mexico to drive on highways, so remember to purchase a quality Mexican insurance policy.

What kind of car insurance for Mexico do I need?

Remember that liability-only insurance coverage may be enough to satisfy the legal requirements for driving in Mexico. However, full-coverage is necessary to address your own losses in an incident. As you drive in unfamiliar areas you may encounter accidents. And they may not only be fender-bender accidents that could lead to vehicle damages but also partial theft, total theft, or vandalism situations. It is wise to cover your bases by carrying a full-coverage Mexican insurance policy.

Mexican Insurance Policies for Tourists – 5 Ways for a Newbie to Botch Them Up


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  • Lucius Apgar
    June 4, 2015 5:35 pm

    Rosarito is the ideal driving destination in Mexico. Driving is pleasant and easy, down Mexico toll highway. Even it’s just for a quick-day trip, make sure you have the required Mexico auto insurance.

  • If you want to see Rosarito, buy your Mexican insurance first. The quickest way to save on Mexico insurance is by going online. You get instant quote and your policy gets printed in minutes.

  • Ronald Wiley
    August 7, 2015 6:01 pm

    It’s comfortable walking from a nearby hotel going to Rosarito Centro. There you can find plenty of decent bars and restaurants. Spending for Mexican insurance is a beneficial investment.

  • Leora Branch
    April 15, 2016 5:50 pm

    One of the best fun and activities you can do in Rosarito is surfing. Beaches are loaded with great surfers having fun and enjoying the huge, strong waves. Try to visit Rosarito for your next Mexico trip.

  • Annalee Sayre
    April 21, 2016 6:04 pm

    Perform the surfing anywhere along some miles of a stunning beach. Conditions may vary according to weather and sea tide, from punchy and rippable to quick, hollow & barreling condition. It’s really fun surfing in Mexico.

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