Stretch Your Retirement Dollars by Moving to Mexico!

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Most of us are familiar with the concept of retirees flocking to places like Florida and Arizona. They usually do so in order to escape from the bitter cold of northerly parts of the U.S. Other than warmer weather, though, such places don’t bring very many realistic benefits to the table. Savvy retirees know that if you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible, it’s sometimes necessary to get out of the U.S. altogether. Mexico is a popular choice for such folks, since it’s still within close proximity of America.

Scope Out the Scene in Rocky Point with Mexican Auto Insurance

Of course, it’s always wise to perform a reconnaissance mission or two before settling into a place like Rocky Point. Before heading down, invest in Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point at Otherwise, your visit could turn into a major fiasco. Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point is wonderfully affordable. Compared with U.S.-based insurance, Mexican insurance for Rocky Point is a drop in the proverbial bucket.

There are several thriving expatriate communities in Mexico. While some of the retirees are decidedly well-to-do, just as many fall squarely into the middle-class bracket. Living in Mexico is extremely affordable; places like Rocky Point are particularly popular. If the idea of pinching every penny through your golden years isn’t all that appealing to you, retirement to Rocky Point, Mexico may be just what you need.

Retire to Rocky Point and Live Like a King – Or Queen!

If you stay in the States and have a fixed income, like many retirees, your options will be decidedly limited. By investing in Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point and retiring there instead, though, you can truly live the dream. Paradise will be just outside your back door; trips to other parts of Mexico will be extremely affordable. You’ll still be close enough to your U.S.-based relatives that you’ll be able to visit them regularly; more than likely, though, they’ll be clamoring to visit you in idyllic Rocky Point.

In laymen’s terms, the Social Security administration takes your highest earning years, averages them, and calculates what the monthly equivalent would be after adjusting for current wages. It is important to note that this would be your benefit at Full Retirement Age, if you were to retire early benefits would be adjusted accordingly and you may need a social security attorney to look for your best interest. If you are employed full time, chances are your job offers a 401k program. This program allows employees to invest either pre- (traditional 401k) or post- (Roth 401k) tax dollars for retirement purposes. If you select to participate/invest in a traditional pre-tax 401k, you are taxed at the time of a withdrawal. In contrast, if you select to participate/invest in a Roth post-tax 401k contributions are not subject to taxes. 

Benefits of Retiring in Mexico

Some people think that the process of moving and retiring to a place like Rocky Point, Mexico must be more trouble than it’s worth. The truth, though, is that it’s remarkably easy to do. A small amount of research will show you that people make the move every day. Rocky Point is a welcoming community that already boasts a large population of U.S. retirees. If moving there was problematic – and living there was impractical – they wouldn’t stay. By joining them, you can discover the true meaning of a peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable retirement in Mexico.

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