Stay in a Cabana in Oaxaca, Mexico!

Cacaluta beach in Huatulko, Oaxaca, Mexico.

If youre looking for a slower, more relaxed pace than what Mexicos big cities and bustling resort towns have to offer – and are especially keen to learn more about day-to-day life in the Mexican countryside – a visit to the state of Oaxaca is well worth your while. What makes this south-central Mexican state so intriguing? Several of its pueblos – specifically, 16 of them – boast cabanas that tourists can stay in for very low rates. Affordability is just one part of the equation, though – a cabana lets you immerse yourself in local Mexican culture unlike anything else.

Make Your Way to Oaxaca

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An Affordable Way to See Mexico

The low cost is definitely a great perk of staying in a cabaña. A cabaña, or yuu, is a small form of rural lodging; most people would compare them to cabins. A single person can spend one night in a cabaña for about 80 pesos, or about $10 USD. Families and other groups can rent out entire cabañas for about 400 pesos, or about $40 USD per night. Compared with staying in hotel chains – even in large, busy cities – that is quite a steal.

Immerse Yourself in Rural Mexican Life

In addition to boasting low nightly rates, cabañas allow you to experience life in the Mexican countryside unlike any other option – short of staying with a host family. Many times, cabanas are tied into local ecotourism options. Some cabanas also have readily available mountain bike rentals and opportunities for engaging in horseback rides and other fun outdoors activities. If outdoors activities are your thing, choose a cabaña thats located within the Sierra Norte mountain range – you will not be disappointed. Either way, youre sure to come away from your cabaña stay with a newfound respect and understanding for everyday rural life in Mexico. Stay in a cabana in Oaxaca, Mexico!

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