Senor Mex Says: Your post highlights some very important info about Mexican insurance reviews and the possibility of ending up in jail. It’s true that one of the most common reasons for a tourist to end up in jail in Mexico is by not having checked Mexican insurance reviews online and bought coverage. Sometimes, though, people get the impression that this type of coverage protects them completely. That’s not true, though, because it wont help you if you’re arrested for drunk driving or involved in some sort of egregious on-the-road behavior. If you’re involved in a simple fender-bender, however, this type of coverage will help you avoid serious trouble. Going without this sort of coverage is extremely foolhardy. Buying it is easy; affording it is easy, too. While Mexican insurance reviews and reading a policy isn’t a “get out of jail free” card, it is the single best way to avoid serious trouble south of the border.

Find Mexican Tourist Auto Policy Post

“It is very, very, rare for someone to be held in jail if they posses a valid Auto policy, OR enough US currency to address the payment for all fines, medical care etc. After all, the Mexican Gov’’t, especially now, wants to encourage as much travel in Mexico as possible, especially to the well known tourist destinations. Putting tourists in jail for minor traffic accidents will not help their cause.”

Read the entire Find Mexico Insurance post. Make checking  Mexican insurance reviews and buying a quality policy your top priority before you cross the border.

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  • Hertha Raulerson
    August 19, 2021 5:59 pm

    When it comes to recreation and entertainment, Mexico is the best choice to consider. But first, start it with a Mexican insurance policy.

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