Sport Fishing Tourneys in Mexico Pay Big Prize Money !

Fishing in Mexico.

Sport fishing is one activity that brings a large number of fishing enthusiasts from all over the world to Mexico. All through the year, you can participate in numerous sport fishing tournaments in the country. So, if you were pursuing fishing just as your hobby, it might be time to try your luck in tournaments and win big prizes. American and Canadian fishing enthusiasts plan trip to Mexico to catch the rare fish species. While participating in fishing competitions, your kitty would consist of striped marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, bonefish and snook.

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Following are few areas where you can be a part of renowned fishing tournaments all the year round:

Sport Fishing Tourneys in Mexico Pay Big Prize Money!


Cozumel is an amazing combination of beaches and beauty. Just a glimpse of white sand beaches and emerald waters give you a feel of just get into the water and explore through the mysterious aquatic life. This is the reason why US and Canadian scuba divers and fishing lovers never let the chance of visiting Cozumel go away. Serene beaches and abundant fish species are well complimented by spectacular natural surroundings. All this has placed Cozumel in top ten sport fishing spots in the world. If you want to catch billfish, you should visit the city between March and June. Want to try your luck in a fishing competition? Every year in the month of May, Cozumel hosts annual billfish tournament. Besides billfish you can also catch great variety of marlin and sailfish.


The enchanting city of Mazatlan is one of the top preferences of a majority of fishermen of all levels. The geographical location and availability of fish species in abundance makes Mazatlan one of the best fishing areas around the globe. Even today, avid fisherman from Canada and other parts of the world visit Mazatlan in order to catch biggest black Marlin and break the record of the 80s when 12 foot long marlin were caught. Besides competing in fishing tournaments, you can also book a fishing trip or charter a boat to catch your favorite fish species.

La Paz

La Paz is an incredible area located in Baja and famous for its beaches, marine adventure and of course fishing. If you are looking for swordfish, get on to a yacht in East Cape. While participating on sport fishing competition, you will get an opportunity to catch roosterfish, mahi mahi, cabrila and tuna.

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