Spending Time in Rocky Point as Tourist Season Slows


Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point

Ric’s Rocky Point Fishing

Rocky Point is a great place to spend the weekend, and as the summer slows down, there may be more flexibility in your choices of hotels or rental homes. You may even want to save your summer vacation for that time after Labor Day so that you can enjoy a more low-key experience. Regardless of the timing of your travels, Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point is important for covering your vehicle and you in case of any accidents. You should think about your ability to shoulder the expenses involved in a serious incident because liability Mexican insurance won’t handle your vehicle issues. With full coverage, your Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point ensures that expenses will not overwhelm you in case of a serious accident. 

Driving Carefully

It is important to remember that Mexico uses the metric system. This means you have to express your distance and velocity with metric measures as you head to Rocky Point. An officer may not ask to view your Mexican insurance for Rocky Point if they stopped you for speeding. But be prepared just in case. You should also note whether your odometer shows the metric units. It’s easy to confuse speed limit signs and they will sometimes challenge your driving. Remember that speed limits are metric, representing kilometers per hour. A kilometer is approximately equal to .62 miles, and you can multiply the posted speed limit by .62 to convert to miles per hour.

This can be important if you are traveling at peak travel times. Authorities may watch vigilantly for excessive speeds. And you might find that they are a bit overzealous when seasonal activity is at its height. If authorities pull you over for speeding, be sure to avoid paying the officer directly. Follow this reminder even if the officer requests for a direct payment. You should expect to pay a fine at the police station.

Driving with Protection

Your Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point allows you to access assistance from a bilingual legal support team. This is important if you experience an accident. Authorities view an accident as a felony, and Napoleonic law treats all parties as guilty until they proved they are innocent. Your Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point won’t get you off the hook. But it may ensure that you aren’t left trying to figure out how to represent yourself. Make sure that your Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point also has sufficient coverage for the area.


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  • While driving to Rocky Point during Winter, make sure that you observe speed limits. Also, confirm that your Mexican auto insurance is up to date to avoid being inconvenienced.

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