Souvenir Shopping in Mexico at Rock-Bottom Prices and Mexican Insurance Mexican insurance comparison

Mexican Insurance Mexican insurance comparison

Souvenirs – Tijuana

Mexican Insurance Mexican insurance comparison and Souvenir Shopping in Mexico at Rock-Bottom Prices

Just as department stores have their biggest sales during certain times of the year, shoppers wanting to purchase souvenir items in Mexico need to visit merchants during key times and dates. In order to get the lowest price possible, be sure to follow the following tips:

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Negotiating Souvenir Prices

When souvenir hunting, shop open-air markets before venturing into any inside dwellings. Many times these do not have traditional store mark-up prices because transactions are direct from craftsman to consumer. Moreover, since there are no heating, cooling and lighting costs to pay, the store’s overhead is much lower. Each day, merchandise at these
locations must be brought in, unpacked and displayed. Products not selling must be re-packed to reverse the process. After a while, many merchants are happy to negotiate a lower price; especially if the item is big, bulky or has been in the market’s inventory for a while.

Make sure to look for items throughout the day, but only purchase merchandise at the end of the day. If a seller has a certain dollar amount he or she wishes to make everyday, prices tend to be more flexible towards the close of business. Shop as late as possible and name your own price when it comes to asking for a discount. Start off with offering half of the item’s ticketed price and go from there. Should negotiations become stalled, walk away. Many sellers will come
after you or offer a lower, final sales price.

Surveying The Layout For Areas With Less Traffic

While your feet may not thank you, by walking your way to savings,your wallet will. In the case of open-air markets, sellers at the front of the booths or those close to busy intersections will always draw more foot traffic than those further down. Since many customers find what they need and go, sellers located in the more populated areas may not be a flexible with pricing discounts as those located in more remote areas. Always start in the back of the market and work your way

Low-price Meals

In addition to great deals on souvenirs, open-air markets also area low-price option for ready-made meals. Since prepared foods and produce are usually not resold the next day, by shopping at the end of the day, travelers can get great deals on Mexican souvenirs and quick-service meals.

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Souvenir Shopping in Mexico at Rock-Bottom Prices and Mexican Insurance Mexican insurance comparison Charts

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