Sonora Mexico; Supreme Beach Life!

View of Puerto Penaso, Sonora, Mexico.

Mexico is home to many, many beach destinations. But if you want to enjoy beach life, explore old tribes and cannot compromise with modern and luxury comfort, you should consider visiting Mexican state of Sonora. Why are you following the crowd in picking up vacation destinations? Consider Sonora to spend calm and soothing vacation. You will also come across several village type scenes in beautiful Mexican state.

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Among the most visited areas in Sonora is Hermosillo. It is also the capital city and the most fascinating tourist place. Rich history can be explored in very corner of the 300 years old city. You would also hear several legends while strolling around the city. Old streets of Hermosillo are encompassed old buildings, regional museums, plazas and parks. In other words, you get several opportunities to explore the history and art of the state. The city is home to Sonora Museum that features 18 halls with exhibition displaying the historic development of the state.

To relax and fell the freshness of nature, you must visit Sauceda Recreational Park. Another region in Sonora that brings large number of travelers to the state every year is Gyamas San Carlos. The exotic area is surrounded by Sea of Cortez at one side and other side is beautified by fascinating mountains. You can enjoy beach life on exotic beaches. The region is also famous for world class water sports. You can also indulge yourself into numerous mountainous activities.

You would find mild climate all the year round so, you don’t need to wait for any particular time to visit is Gyamas San Carlos. Ciudad Obregon also remains in the list of travelers who visit Sonora. All through the city you will find several historical buildings and monuments that define the rich history and culture of Sonora. In the city, you can know more about Yaqui tribe. In the outskirts of the city, you find museum that represent largest collection of Yaqui culture in the area. In the exhibition rooms, you will come across interesting displays that give you more information about culture, history and traditions.

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