Sonora Mexico Calm and Serene Vacations!

Un maravillo destino donde vacacionar para parejas y familias en donde puedes relajarte y disfrutar de las maravillas que te ofrece Puerto Penaso, Sonora, Mexico.

Whether you want to enjoy beaches; explore old tribes or spend your vacation in a set up full of modern luxury and comfort; Mexican state of Sonora is an excellent choice. Every year thousands of Americans and Canadians visit the state to add variety to their life. If you are fed up of spending your holidays in big cities around the world and you are looking for a calm, soothing, and serene place, the typical village scenes of Sonora might be the best option. The beaches in the state offer great variety of activities. You can enjoy fishing and world class water sports in the beach areas of Sonora.

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Sonora Mexico Calm and Serene Vacations!

Top picks from Sonora:


Hermosillo is the capital city of Sonora and is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in northern part of Mexico. In the 300 years old city, you will come across rich history and numerous stories about the legends while driving through the beautiful streets that are fenced with magnificent old buildings, parks, plazas and regional museums. All in all, you get several opportunities to explore through history and art of the state. US and Canadian travelers interested in history prefer to visit Sonora museum that features 18 halls where you will find the historic development of the state. To refresh yourself, visit Sauceda recreational park. You can take a stroll through the beautiful path while admiring the open green areas that are very much safe for your kids.

Ciudad Obregon

Throughout Ciudad Obregon, you would come across numerous monuments and historical buildings that are enough to define the rich culture and history of Sonora. Canadians visit the city especially to know more about Yaqui tribe. Modern culture of the city as well as Sonora is highly influenced by Yaqui traditions and culture. Yaqui museum is the place which should not be missed at any cost while spending your vacation in Sonora. The museum features largest exhibition on Yaqui people in the whole world. The extensive exhibitions represent Yaqui history, traditions and customs of the ethnic group.

Guaymas San Carlos

Mexico vacation is incomplete without beaches. In Sonora, you will find beaches in the town of Guaymas San Carlos which is surrounded by the sea of Cortez at one side and at the other side, you will find cascade of mountains. You can enjoy incredible aquatic sports and mountainous activities and have fun in the mild climate that remains same all the year round.

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