Skipping Mexico Insurance is Dangerous!

During a vacation in Mexico, the last thing that you want is to end up in serious trouble. Most visitors to Mexico go there with the intention of having a fantastic time. In most cases, that mission is accomplished. However, some people drive into Mexico and fail to protect themselves with Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Doing that is the single most likely way to completely ruin your vacation. Without a decent Mexico car insurance policy, a simple fender-bender could land you in jail. If you think thats extreme, think again: It happens to visitors all the time. The Mexican authorities have no qualms about detaining anyone who can’t make good on their financial responsibilities after an accident.

You Wont Save Much Money

Heres the thing: Mexico insurance auto liability coverage is cheap. Its not like it costs thousands of dollars. The longer you need it, the more it will cost; even if you needed it for a year, though, youd be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is. Those who claim to be too broke to afford Mexico insurance arent being practical. Its far better to spend a little money to protect yourself than it is to end up in jail. If you dont carry Mexican insurance, you could also end up with a huge bill. In the long run, this could cost you many thousands of dollars.

Sitting in Jail isnt Fun!

No one will ever say that sitting in jail is fun. If youve never done so, youd probably like to keep it that way. People who are otherwise law-abiding citizens end up in Mexican jails all the time; in many cases, its because theyve been involved in accidents and dont have insurance coverage. You probably wont be treated especially poorly in such situations, but youre not going to have fun, either, because you need to pay the bill before they will release you. As the minutes tick by, your Mexican vacation will be going down the drain.

Taking Care of Business

Mexico car insurance simply isnt something that is optional. You probably wont be asked to show proof of it in random situations, but you can end up in major trouble if youre in a car accident and dont have it. There is no surefire way to avoid accidents while you are south of the border. If another driver does something foolish, you could be involved in a fender-bender or worse. Even if you dont care about damaging your own vehicle, you could end up having to foot the bill for another driver’s damages. Always buy coverage before you head into Mexico.

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