Sick of Saskatchewan? Head on Down to Mexico!

A view of the city of Ensenada.

Most of the year, living in Saskatchewan is great. The province boasts 100,000 lakes in its northern reaches, for instance, and features a surprisingly eclectic variety of different landscapes. As the winter drags on, though, it’s only natural to get a little tired of the cold and ice. Despite the excitement of the hockey season, you may want to get out of Saskatchewan for a little tropical getaway. Luckily, you don’t have to fly out to Tahiti in order to do so – you can drive right down to Mexico.

Buy Mexican Insurance for Canadians Ahead of Time

Step number one in the process of planning a Mexican getaway is buying Mexican insurance for Canadians. No matter where you live in Saskatchewan, your car insurance policy is invalid in Mexico. Mexican auto insurance for Canadians is a mandatory part of traveling south of the border. Buy Mexican car insurance for Canadians at online to save money and time. Make sure to buy Mexican car insurance for Canadians that will last the length of your visit. Print our your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians policy before leaving and you’ll be good to go.

Get a Break from Winter

Once the annual thrills of sledding, skiing, building snowmen and chucking snowballs have worn out, Saskatchewan may seem like a cold and dreary place. Of course, that’s not technically true; however, day in and day out of cold, blustery weather can make it seem that way. By escaping down to Mexico, you can take a break from all of that. By the time you return to Saskatchewan, it will once again seem like the warm, welcoming place that you love.

Work on Your Tan

Imagine the envy of your coworkers, friends and family when you return from Mexico with a deep, golden tan. After all, the only way to achieve such a feat in Saskatchewan during the winter is by hitting the tanning booth – and that’s nowhere near as enjoyable as laying on an exotic Mexican beach. Your winter sojourn in Mexico doesn’t have to cost a lot of money; by driving instead of flying, for instance, you can save oodles of cash. Just remember your insurance and your sunscreen, and you should be ready for an absolutely unforgettable winter break in Mexico. Ultimately, you will be glad that you got away from Saskatchewan for a few days.

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