Selva Lacandona Mexico and Mexican automobile insurance from Mexican Insurance

Mexican automobile insurance from Mexican Insurance – Selva Lacandona Mexico

Chiapas, Mexico

Are you looking for a secluded place to relax and get away from city life? What if, you get a chance to explore through richness if wildlife and natural vegetation in addition to priceless archeology? Selva Lacandona is one such place in Mexican state of Chiapas.

Do you want to enjoy your Mexican vacation without any hindrance? Of course yes! Then buy Mexican insurance because government of Mexico does not accept US or Canadian policies in case of an auto accident. You will be detained until you pay the damages hence, quality Mexico Insurance is important for a peaceful and memorable trip. This Selva Lacandona Mexico travel info is brought to you by Mexican Insurance, best quality Mexican automobile insurance at affordable rates! For more information on Mexico Car Insurance visit Mexico Insurance Resources.

The jungle in Selva Lacandona is famous among Canadian and US excursionists especially for its ecotourism. The majority of travelers visiting Chiapas never miss the jungle of Selva Lacandona because the natural paradise is easily accessible using your vehicle. However, you should obtain Mexican Auto Insurance before driving your vehicle in Mexico.

Canadian history lovers are fond of archeological sites of the jungle. If you want to see one of the best preserved Mayan archeological zones visit Tonina Archeological zone.  While exploring the site, you will come across number of temples and altars. The beautiful architecture can be seen at the Acropolis which is built over natural rises. At the base of the acropolis, you will discover a large and a ball court. Other worth visiting buildings located within the site are Temple of prisoners (El Templo de los Prisioneros), Palace of Fretworks (El Palacio de las Grecas) and Palace of war (El Palacio de la Guerra).

Bonampak is another well known archeological zone in Selva Lacandona. Art lovers from Canada visit the Mayan city especially to see mural paintings thats why the city got name Bonampak which means “painted walls.” After exploring the Mayan history, to spend some time with nature visit Las Guacamayas. The reserve was created especially to preserve rare species of Scarlet Mascaw (Red Guacamaya) birds. Therefore, the reserve is one of the first priorities for birdwatchers from Canada.

Besides birds you will come across various species of animals. You can also go for hiking in the main rain forest. While stepping up to the vertex of the mountains you will get to now numerous plants that are usually not seen. Another beautiful place which is apt for ecotourism is Colem-Ha. it is one of the most sought after place for swimmers and divers. Selva Lacandona Mexico – Its a Jungle Out There!

Mexican automobile insurance from Mexican Insurance includes Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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