See the Whales in Guerrero Negro, Mexico!

The whales of Baja California.

Mexicos Baja Peninsula boasts many prime tourist attractions and is home to a huge array of exceptional vacation resort towns. If youre thinking about heading down to Baja California Sur, the southern portion of the peninsula, one place that you should include during your visit is Guerrero Negro. This small town of just under 12,000 people is best known for its great gray whale sighting opportunities. Stop by for a day or two and take a guided tour so that you can see these majestic creatures in person for yourself.

Getting to Guerrero Negro

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Take a Whale-Watching Tour

The best way to make sure that you see gray whales is by booking a tour. Several different tour companies are available to give you tours of the nearby water. The best place to see gray whales is Scammon’s Lagoon, or Laguna Ojo de Liebre. This is pretty much ground-zero for whale sightings in the Guerrero Negro region, so it’s probably where you will end up going. Many operators provide guarantees about seeing whales, too, so you can reduce your risk of paying money for nothing. Once you’ve seen the mighty gray whale in person, you’ll never forget it.

Visit During a Whale Festival

Every February, the city of Guerrero Negro pays homage to the gray whale by throwing a fun-filled festival. This is a great time to visit the city, since it really comes alive during that time. February is when the gray whales arrive in the lagoon to calve, so it is a very important time for these mysterious sea creatures. The festival is a great opportunity to learn more about the gray whale and to get a feel for its importance to this seaside community. By the time you leave Guerrero Negro, you’re sure to have a strong respect for the gray whale – and you’ll probably want to return soon!

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