Scuba Diving In Mexico!

Scuba diving cenote and caves Mexico.

If you want to solve the mystery of enigmatic underwater life, you should try to be like professional scuba divers. Amazing underwater views captivate you for a lifetime. Scuba divers from Canada and America prefer Mexico because of the many options, warm waters and variety of marine flora and fauna. So, are you ready for the underwater excursion of your lifetime?

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Scuba Diving In Mexico!

Whether you are professional or an avid diver, Mexican beach waters have something for everyone. Most of the beach authorities offer professional guidance. If you are diving for the first time and expert diver will accompany you and will teach you the basics of diving if you wish.

Puerto Escondido is considered as the best diving spot in Mexico. Breathtaking beauty lies on the shores of Pacific Ocean. The town features variety of beaches and most of them are calm and tranquil. There are several big wave beaches in Puerto Escondido that are famous among Canadians and Americans for surfing. However, to explore the aquatic life, you can travel to then nearest unexplored beaches and take a closer look of colorful fish, lobsters, manta rays and mother of pearls. While excursing through the gorgeous coral reefs, you will come across complete new marine world.

La Paz is another area which cannot afford to miss out on, if you really want to enjoy Mexican style scuba diving. It is the heaven for professional divers and is considered as one of the top notch diving spots in the on the planet. Besides spectacular reefs, you will also come across numerous artificial reefs while diving in the indigo waters of La Paz beaches. You would be swimming with dolphins, colorful fishes and other water species. La Paz is among very few destinations in the world where you can swim with sharks and whales. If you are just starting up with the Scuba diving, Suwanee Reef is the recommended one. Other places where you can start off with your diving experience are Islets which is located between the two gigantic rock formations. Once you dive into the islets, number of sea lions will be there to welcome you.

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