San Felipe Mexico Travel Guide!

San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez

Mention the word spring break and one of the destinations that come to mind would be San Felipe in Baja, Mexico. One of the favorite places to go during long weekends, it is far enough so that one feels the he or she is getting away from it all and near enough so that it can be reached by easy driving. Situated about one hundred ninety kilometers south of the United States border it can be reached after a two and a half hour drive on good paved roads. Make sure however, that you acquire Mexican Auto Insurance before your trip to ensure that you are protected against possible road accidents.

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San Felipe Mexico Travel Guide and Mexican Auto Insurance!

San Felipe’s main source of living used to be fishing as it is located near the coastline. Recently however, its main income source has become tourism and it now also has an international airport. San Felipe has one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. This is one of the few spots on the world where the desert meets the sea.

Its claim to fame however is its tidal bore. A tidal bore is a phenomenon in which the incoming tide forms waves of water. At low tide, the beaches of San Felipe recede exposing to up to a kilometer of ocean floor. This presents excellent opportunities for beach combing and an opportunity to observe a tidal phenomenon that not many are able to see—tidal waves when high tide comes back in.

The beaches south of San Felipe run uninterrupted for almost fifty miles and there are hundreds of vacation homes which have sprung up along the seaside. The influx of tourists has also spurred the creation of businesses and facilities to make sure it remains as a top tourist destination.

Nice hotels are now present in the area as well as places where one can purchase beer, gasoline, ice and food have sprung up. The citizens of San Felipe have also exerted efforts in beautifying their city for visitors.

Palm trees were planted along the popular waterfront district and palapas were also put up along the beach to provide additional shade for those who want to chill out by the beach. San Felipe Mexico Travel Guide and Mexican Auto Insurance!

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