San Felipe Mexico – Paradise for Fun Seekers!

Panoramic view from the fort of San Felipe to Bacalar Lagoon.

San Felipe Mexico is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for people who want to spend their vacation while having fun in water and enjoying water sports. Despite its fishing background the city has become one of the preferred choices for constructing a vacation home after retirement. The reason being its lush green landscaped developments , beaches and of course, the Mexican food. The variation in temperature allows everyone to visit the city per their interests. You can enjoy beach life along the with warm desert climate while exploring through the city. The unspoiled beaches are surrounded by a number of hotels and restaurants.

You can easily commute between hotel and beach in your own vehicle; you just need to obtain Mexican Insurance by Mexican Insurance US and Canadian Insurance is not valid in Mexico. Therefore, you need to buy Mexico Car Insurance to drive your vehicle and to protect yourself from being detained in case of an auto accident. Buying Mexican Car Insurance at the border is a process full of hassles. The best Mexican Auto Insurance deals are found online.

You can enjoy Spring Break with the enormous amount of water sports in the beach waters of San Felipe. Canadian and US surf boarders find their paradise in San Felipe. With changes in the weather the waves becomes high and low. So, if you want to face new challenges while floating on a surfboard, you should not miss out on visiting San Felipe. The picturesque waterfront is worth taking photos. The main drive has palm trees on its either sides that provide good angles to click photographs that you can publish in your social networking album. Youll always find visitors strolling on the beach in order to collect magnificent sea shells and sea glass.

Are you looking for some change from beach life? Travel towards the desert where you can drive RVs and ATVs in recreational vehicle parks. Canadian adventure lovers prefer off-road ATVs. You can participate in famous off road racing events such as San Felipe 250 and Baja 250. Besides biking, you can also enjoy tennis, volleyball and golf. Gastronomy of San Felipe is another specialty that brings Canadian and US tourists to the city again and again. You can taste wide a wide variety of seafood in the restaurants. Visitors love the blend of Mexican traditional tequila and seafood. San Felipe is full of fun; you just need to pick the starting point. San Felipe Mexico – Paradise for Fun Seekers!

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