San Cristobal de Las Casas Mexico – Natures Bounty!

San Cristobal de las Casas

Looking to spend your vacation in serene and peaceful area? Do you want to walk through the streets that give you a feel of colonial city? If yes! You should visit San Cristobal de Las Casas, a place where tranquil atmosphere of lagoons will revive your love and fascinating architecture will take you to the colonial times. US and Canadian travelers to Mexico visit the municipality for its richness of natural attractions. You would also find several opportunities to spend time with culture and tradition. But, if you really want to enjoy your trip without getting into any kind of any hassles, you should drive your own vehicle. Before driving your vehicle, dont forget to buy Mexico auto Insurance as foreign policies are not valid in Mexico.

Review and compare Mexican car Insurance from Mexican Insurance today for comprehensive, reliable coverage. These San Cristobal de Las Casas Mexico – Natures Bounty travel ideas are brought to you by Mexican Insurance, the leading purveyors of Mexico Auto Insurance who know how to save you money and still provide quality Mexican car insurance.

If you’re feeling tired or want a nap, you should go to Montebello Lagoons where you will find yourself ever close to nature and your tiredness will become history. While exploring through the lagoons you will find 52 breathtaking lagoons and lakes. You will also come across different colors as every lake and lagoon shines in unique colors. Plants lovers from the United States and Canada find their paradise in Montebello lagoons as there are more than 252 species of plants. Also, you’d find over 100 species of wildlife. The lakes are surrounded by lush green vegetation providing best hide outs to the honeymooners.

The lagoons near San Cristobal de Las Casas are also famous among Canadian adventure enthusiasts. In some of the lakes you can go for kayaking and rafting. Another natural attraction in the municipality is El Chiflon Cascade. This is place from where you would never want to go back home. You view a 1268 meters high waterfall surrounded by thousands of trees and once you reach the top, beautiful butterflies whisper some mesmerizing sounds and humming of birds will captivate you forever. If you want to transform the natural attraction to hub of adventure, cross the river using Tyrolean traverse. Once you reach in between, the aerial view of the cascade is worth clicking. It’s a scene almost like an earthly Avatar.

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  • It is interesting to know that Montebello lagoons consist of 52 lagoons in different colors. With so many plant species and wildlife, it must be a paradise for nature lovers.

  • Dionna Mahaffey
    November 22, 2015 5:05 pm

    Sian Ka’an is the right place for ecological enthusiasts. It Covers an impressive 1.3 million acres of freshwater canals, lagoons, inlets and mangroves. It is among the most ecological famous sites in Mexico but it is not advisable you go there without Mexico insurance.

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