Rocky Point Mexico Sport Fishing – Skillful Relaxation!

Rocky Point Mexico Sport Fishing

Every year large number of tourists from all over the world visit Mexico to participate in sport fishing tournaments. If you were taking your hobby of fishing for granted and proceed with it just as a relaxing activity, you could be losing out on great amount of prizes that get distributed in the fishing tournaments held in different parts of Mexico every year. If you were not aware about these competitions, it not too late! Just read on…

Rocky Point Mexico Fishing

It is one of the most sought after fishing destinations for large number of US and Canadian anglers. Major beaches in Rocky point that are famous for fishing are La Choya and Las Conchas. In these beaches your catch will consist of croaker and dogfish. If you want to target large variety of fish species, you should drive towards San Jorge Island where you can catch sea bass, flounder, marlin and mahi mahi. Rocky point is home to some of the major sport fishing tournaments in whole of Mexico. If you want to win a tournament and drive back to your hotel great prizes, you should target species like giant sea bass that can be as heavy as 450 kilograms. If you’re driving your own vehicle while traveling to and from the mainland, you must have Mexican Auto Insurance for Rocky Point. because Mexican government does not consider US or Canadian policies in case of an auto accident.

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Mazatlan Mexico

You will love to target the fish in the crystalline waters of Sea of Cortez. The geographical location makes beaches in Mazatlan well known for sport fishing. Canadian voyagers prefer the area for fishing as they can be a part of fishing trip or can charter a boat to target their favorite fish. Besides catching fishe, you can also add some ducks and doves into your tally if you like to hunt.

Manzanillo Fishing

Do you want to catch big sized marlin and sailfish? In Mexico, Manzanillo is the best place. If you can catch sailfish in the International Dorsey Tournament, you have bright chances of winning the tournament. In other parts of Mexico, you will see sailfish once in two or three hours, but in Manzanillo you oftentimes see at least one in every fifteen minutes. This is the reason why the area is known as Sailfish Capital of the world.

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  • Scottie Spehar
    July 16, 2013 5:58 pm

    I personally like sports should be included in trip my friend is not interested much but he enjoyed fishing so our trip was combination of great activities.

  • Kanisha Jeffery
    March 16, 2014 11:33 pm

    This time around I am targeting La Choya to satisfy my addiction in fishing. I will certainly take part in its fishing tournaments. If I have to stay longer in La Choya I will make sure that my Mexico insurance is properly renewed.

  • Lieselotte Harrill
    March 16, 2014 11:34 pm

    I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands on the king-sized marlin. I will be spending a few days in Rocky Point to take part in a fishing tournament. Hopefully luck will be on my side. Otherwise I would be buying the Mexican insurance for nothing.

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