Retire in Mexico and Live Like Royalty

Senior couple having tender moments while traveling with sailboat in mexico.

If you visit Mexico, according to an increasing number of people who’ve done just that, you might actually like it so much you won’t want to leave.

According to reputable sources like the Kiplinger Letter, and International Living, which is a publication that has built an established business out of  keeping track of and investigating such developments, more Americans and Canadians have retired to Mexico than to any other country in the world.

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About a million Americans, all told, are said to be headed South of the Border to live out their days in a  place that some describe as being like the United States used to be in the “good ol’ days,” that is to say, how things were about 50 years ago: offering a friendlier, safer, more affordable environment, with some distinct climate benefits, to boot, not to mention a whole slew of other factors to add to the appeal.

The term quality of life comes up, conjuring up appealing visions of relaxed, pleasant, comfortable surroundings, that nonetheless retain certain enjoyable aspects of the modern age (like decent plumbing, electricity, telephone service, and high-speed Internet!).

So, whether you’re  looking for a short escape or a longer-term or permanent haven, indicators point to Mexico as a destination of choice. If things are even a fraction as appealing as some of the descriptions from those who’ve ended up settling in Mexico, well – it wouldn’t hurt to see for yourself, now, would it?

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