Rainy-Day Mexico, Indoor Activities for Children!

Depending on time of year and location chosen, sometimes it may rain for days in Mexico hindering any outdoor plans. In a crowded hotel room, kids may go stir-crazy; especially after watching hours of television programs or pay-per-view movies. Since many upscale hotels have kid centers or indoor swimming pools, finding something to do for the day should be easy, but what if it rains the next day? Advance preparations of rain-delay alternatives can help parents avoid scrambling for any last-minute indoor activities and help keep kids stimulated.

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Older children will enjoy going to the movies. Because many movies are in Spanish with English subtitles, younger children, who are not able to read, may become frustrated. In many larger towns, there are cinemas that show English-language movies without the need for subtitles.

Bowling is a popular family activity in Mexico. While there are many free-standing bowling lanes, in resort towns with large shopping malls, bowling may actually be available inside of the mall. Prices are comparable to U.S. bowling lane and shoe rental fees. When finished, because of the convenient mall location, children can dine in the mall’s food court or go shopping.

Large shopping malls are also home to Mexican-style arcades. Along with arcade games, these places also have elements of a typical American fair and playground; with inflatable bouncers, indoor jungle gyms, “monkey bars,” and a “make and take” arts and crafts section. Since these facilities are operated by the mall, parents can accompany their children throughout the visit’s duration or receive a matching wristband, leaving their children in the care of arcade staff and independently go shopping.

If taking children to any mall-based activities, know larger malls in resort areas are open later than most U.S. malls. On weekends (Friday and Saturday nights), it is not uncommon to find a mall that operates until midnight.


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  • It is great to know that Mexico has so many activities for children and adults even during rainy days. Visiting shopping malls on rainy evenings is a great idea.

  • Sheron Stephenson
    December 8, 2020 5:35 pm

    I am a stay-up-all-night driver and only sleep 5 hours in the day. Being nocturnal, I don’t fall asleep behind the wheel.

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