Purchasing Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store – Mexican Taxi Ride Tips!

Purchasing Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

Taxis in Mexico

Purchasing Mexican Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store – Taxis in Mexico – Taxi Ride Tips!

When in Mexico or any other unfamiliar location, getting around by taxi allows for visitors to be shuttled from location to location by knowledgeable and experienced taxi drivers. Unfortunately, because foreign travelers sometimes obviously appear they are not from an area, they may not receive the same fare as locals. Here are some tips to help ensure your taxi ride is a positive experience:

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1. Before ordering a taxi, discuss your destination with the hotel’s concierge, guest services or valet employees and ask them for an estimate regarding how much the ride should cost. They may also be able to recommend a trusted taxi vendor or have a relationship with one that offers pre-determined fares to popular destinations. Alternatively, if heading to a frequently visited destination, your hotel may offer a free shuttle or know about a daily group transportation where a passenger bus (group taxi) will provide drop-off and pick-up services at pre-determined times.

2. Once your taxi arrives, after speaking to the hotel staff to gain an estimated ride cost, ask the taxi driver for an estimate. If the two prices are extremely different, negotiate and agree on a price. Unfortunately, if the price is not negotiable, skip the ride and wait for another taxi. Waiting a few extra minutes can save you valuable dollars, as you have to pay another taxi for a return trip and will need as much of your liquid money as possible.

3. Always inquire about the ride’s price and perform negotiations outside of the vehicle. If you discuss prices while inside of the car, you run the risk of the vehicle driving off and being stuck with a rate that is unsatisfactory for your budget.

4. Always pay for and negotiate your ride’s cost in pesos.

5. Just as in the U.S., it is customary to tip a taxi driver; especially one who provided good service and charged a fair rate. If your fare was extremely higher than quoted or service was poor, tipping will be at your discretion.

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