Puerto Vallarta Mexico: Live La Vida Loca!

An aerial view of Puerto Vallarta bay from a parachute ride.

Mexico is a country engrained with cultural flair. Whether combing through the vibrantly colored textiles at a village market or exploring their rich agricultural countryside, Mexico has much to offer.

While gazing over the beautifully hued mountainous landscape or walking along the bright, sandy beaches on the coast, it isn’t hard to understand why Mexico is a pleasing destination for nearly any traveler.

Driving in Mexico allows travelers to see the beauty of this country first-hand and at their own pace. Remember if you plan to drive to Mexico, you will need to purchase Mexican auto insurance as US and Canadian car insurance policies are invalid. To save time and money, buy Mexican insurance at online Mexican Insurance Store before your travel begins or visit Mexico insurance.

The city of Cozumel often comes to mind when in search for a fast, fun destination in Mexico. However, if you are in search of an exotic getaway, free of the busy, party scene in Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta exhibits an engaging and beautiful alternative. Visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a treat!

Puerto Vallarta is a small village nestled along side of a refreshing bay, with a picturesque view of the Sierra Madre mountain range overlooking the township. Puerto Vallarta is quickly on the rise as a must-see tourist destination. With its rich colonial history, the village maintains an authentic Mexico experience. Now don’t get the wrong idea that you will have to manage in a make-shift historic hut during your get-a-way.¬† The resort industry is booming all throughout Mexico, and Puerto Vallarta is no exception.

Drive up into the mountains anytime. It is amazingly beautiful, you will see sights you cannot see anywhere else, but dont venture too far off the roadways as you may run into a soldier complex so take your time and read the signs. Driving downtown takes a little time to get used to, but once you get the lay of the land, its OK you can see so much of the local activities and local hang outs instead of “tourist” areas which public transportation and tourist buses tend to take you to.

Puerto Vallarta is the host of many cultural exhibits, including cinema, art galleries and authentic dining. The unique balance of old Mexican tradition with a rich cultural arts community puts Puerto Vallarta on the list of unforgettable destinations in the country.

The modern day accommodations made to the city have been carefully crafted in order to maintain Puerto Vallarta’s historic charm. Puerto Vallarta Mexico: Live La Vida Loca!

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