Protect Yourself with Mexican Insurance for a Short Trip to Mexico!

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For one reason or another, many people believe that they don’t need to buy special Mexican auto insurance for traveling in Mexico if theyre only going to be in the country for a couple of hours. This is a dangerous misconception that can land you right in jail. The truth is that accidents can – and do – happen at any time. Whether youre in the country for several hours, or for several weeks, topnotch insurance is an absolute necessity.

Never Skip Out on Mexican Insurance

Quick jaunts of the border still require quality Mexican insurance. There is no telling when, or if, an accident will occur. It’s easy to buy Mexican Auto Insurance Online at for one-day coverage – you don’t have to invest in long-term Mexican car Insurance if you do not need it. The best online Mexico insurance providers will happily sell you a Mexico insurance policy for one or two days. On the other hand, if youre going to be visiting the country for an extended period of time, its a snap to buy car insurance for Mexico by the week, month or even year. In other words, the answer to the question “Do I always need special insurance for traveling in Mexico?” is always a resounding “YES!” Besides, such policies are remarkably cheap; read below to find out more.

Enjoy a Worry-Free Over-the-Border Jaunt

Theres something to be said for zipping over the border, to a town like Tijuana, in order to enjoy a few hours of fun. As easy as it generally is to get over there, its tempting to think that a separate insurance policy is wholly unnecessary. The minute your car crosses the U.S.-Mexico border, though, your American policy is no longer protecting you. The Mexican authorities take exception to travelers who visit their country without special insurance. If youd rather enjoy a quick visit to Mexico – without gaining first-hand experience about its jails – you should always protect yourself before leaving.

Be Sufficiently Covered for Longer Forays

Mexico is a large country. Embarking on a road trip from the border, down to a far-flung destination like Cancun, can be absolutely exhilarating. Such trips take several days, though, so a one-day insurance policy isnt going to cut it. If youre nervous about the expense of buying insurance for longer periods of time, relax. Insurance policies for traveling by car in Mexico are unbelievably affordable; many times, you can buy a yearly policy for about the same amount you’d pay for one month of U.S.-based insurance. In either case, it is imperative to be protected, so make it a priority.

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