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Protect yourself from road hazards

While summer is an active travel time for foreigners visiting Mexico, once you span out beyond the border communities, traffic tends to become lighter, especially if you are traveling on a weekday. It’s important to have your Mexican insurance for cars at handled before you enter the country, and one of the most likely places to need to access your Mexico insurance by  is on a remote highway. Your chances of a breakdown may be greater than your chances of a car accident in Mexico, and your Mexican insurance coverage at addresses both scenarios. Mexican insurance for cars at is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Travel times

Protect yourself by traveling during daylight hours. Night activity on Mexican roads can be unpredictable, and you may be in greater danger if you are stranded during dusk or dark. Expect more frequent travel on weekends, but note that daytime travel is still heavier than night travel on remote roads. Make sure not to drive off-road, since your Mexican insurance for cars at doesn’t cover off-road vehicles.

Recognize road and weather conditions

Weather can leave roads in terrible shape. You can encounter anything from mudslides in the hilly areas outside of Ensenada to downed trees in agricultural communities. Washed out roads aren’t as common during drought conditions, but winter rains can occasionally cut off communities from the outside world. High winds can also be a serious concern, making roads dangerous if you drive a high-profile vehicle. Pay attention, making decisions that will protect you and the occupants of your vehicles. Be alert as you drive so that you can avoid damaged sections of roads, unexpected speed bumps and stray boxes of tomatoes that may have fallen from a semi. Yes, that patch of red spots over the edge of the road may well be the remnants of a crop that never reached its destination because a careful semi driver took the curve too casually. Keep an extra copy of your Mexico insurance by in the glove compartment in case you need it.

Mexican insurance for cars at is necessary!

Be ready for that unexpected breakdown during summer travel, carrying plenty of bottled water. If you are traveling in a large group, require your passengers to keep at least a couple of personal water bottles handy. Your greatest danger in a daytime breakdown may be dehydration. Additionally, carry a reliable wireless device so that you can contact the roadside service provider for your Mexican insurance for cars at Your Mexico insurance by allows you to get help anywhere in Mexico. Additionally, representatives from your Mexican insurance for cars at will be in touch every half hour until help arrives.

Mexican insurance for cars at can be purchased on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone!



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