A minimum US $20,000 in Legal Assistance & Bail Bond

Problem Experienced By Mexico Motorist>>>>* A minimum US $20,000 in Legal Assistance & Bail Bond

Legal Assistance and bail bond

Not Having Mexican Insurance:

It is crucial to have Mexican insurance when driving in Mexico, as U.S. and Canadian auto insurance is not recognized. Travelers who fail to purchase Mexican insurance and are involved in an accident may face lengthy periods of time in jail and have their vehicle confiscated.

Not Having Emergency Medical Assistance:

Mexico can be a potentially dangerous place, and it is essential to have access to emergency medical assistance. Most U.S. health insurance policies are not valid in Mexico, so travelers should ensure they have appropriate coverage for medical emergencies.

Buying Emergency Medical Assistance that is Not Valid in Rural Areas:

When purchasing emergency medical assistance coverage, it is important to carefully review the policy details. Some insurance companies may limit their coverage to major cities in Mexico to save costs. Travelers should ensure that their coverage extends to rural areas as well.

Emergency Medical & Travel Assistance with Monetary Limits:

Travelers should pay attention to the fine print regarding emergency medical and travel assistance. Some policies have low monetary limits or do not cover pre-existing conditions. Additionally, evacuation by air or land can be expensive and may not be included in many policies, with costs potentially reaching $100,000 per patient.

Not Having Assistance Services for Friends and Family:

It is important to consider coverage for traveling companions. Travelers should inquire about any restrictions, such as limits on the number of passengers covered, which may vary among insurance policies.

The report also emphasizes the essential components that all auto insurance plans should include:

Emergency Medical Assistance coverage that is valid in both cities and rural areas. Emergency Medical & Travel Assistance coverage for the entire family with no monetary limit and guaranteed hospital admittance. A minimum of $20,000 in Legal Assistance & Bail Bond coverage. By ensuring that their insurance plans include these components, travelers can better protect themselves and their companions while driving in Mexico.

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