Pre-plan Thanksgiving in Mexico with Mexican Insurance

If you are looking ahead at long weekends in the coming months, Thanksgiving is one of the best for getting away to Mexico. Although your planning may be just an idea at this point, there are some great reasons to choose Mexico as your destination. A short drive may keep your travel time to a minimum so that you can maximize your opportunity to relax. Remember Mexican insurance so that you can travel with peace of mind. You can research and buy your Mexican auto insurance as soon as your travel dates are firm.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

What to expect in Mexico during Thanksgiving

Because the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is not a Mexican holiday, you may expect normal levels of activity in the country. Of course, there may be slightly elevated tourist activity as like-minded Americans take advantage of the chance to get away. Look for a vacation rental in a small Mexican community for a peaceful weekend, or you can consider staying in a resort town that caters to foreign tourists or expatriates.

Make sure to pick up Mexican auto insurance before crossing the border! Mexican insurance is necessary to use the toll roads, so keep that in mind.

Shop for food at home or inside Mexico?

Although you may find a turkey in a larger Mexican store, you might want to bring your own. Additionally, cranberries, stuffing and yams might be hard to find in a Mexican grocery store of any size. Or you can always go the non-traditional route. A Mexican thrift shop or flea market is a great place to track down cheap kitchen supplies. However, if your arrival time leaves little time for sourcing these supplies, you will need to adjust your plans and bring needed pots and pans.

Mexican insurance is important!

Without the right level of car insurance, an accident could affect your return plans severely. If you are involved in an accident without proper auto insurance , you could face financial challenges and legal problems, including the possibility of being held until your obligations are satisfied.

Mexican insurance at gives you peace of mind!


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