Popular Online Mexican Auto Insurance Provider Mexican Insurance Store.com Announces New Staff

PERRIS, Calif. – Mexican Insurance Store.com recently announced that it will be bringing on new employees this fall. The popular online Mexican auto insurance provider, which provides a variety of Mexican insurance products for travelers, says that an uptick in business has prompted the need for additional help. “We’re definitely going to be adding a few new employees in the fall,” says Linden Gray, the president of Mexican Insurance Store. “In this economy, it definitely feels good to be giving people jobs. We’re hoping that the trend continues.”

According to Gray, new employees are needed to man the phones and assist customers. Mexican Insurance Store has a very strict customer satisfaction policy. To ensure that the company provides fast and efficient customer care, a decent number of well-trained employees is necessary. “We’ve been expanding our customer base considerably in the last six to nine months,” says one employee. “With new customers, the need for additional customer service reps is stronger. We don’t want anyone waiting on hold because we know that they can just go and buy their Mexican insurance products elsewhere. It’s just about time for more help on the phones.”

Mexican Insurance Store has a rigorous screening process for hiring new customer service personnel. The online Mexican auto insurance provider needs to make sure that new hires are able to assist customers in a courteous, knowledgeable and efficient way. “Nothing is worse than trying to get help and getting the run around,” says another employee. “We’ve all been there, and Mexican Insurance Store doesn’t want to put people through that. We’re confident that most people can find the answers they need through the site. Those who can’t are free to contact us for additional help. New employees will make doing that much easier.”

The vast majority of people who order insurance through the online Mexican auto insurance provider’s website don’t run into any issues at all. “I’ve purchased several Mexican insurance products from Mexican Insurance Store through the years,” says one customer. “Out of all of those times, I only had to contact the company directly once. I had to double-check something about the coverage that I was buying. I was pleased when an actual person came on the line quickly, and I was even happier when the rep was able to answer my question immediately. It’s nice to know that some companies still care.”

Business tends to quiet down during the late summer in many industries, and that’s true for online Mexican auto insurance providers as well. “We’re just going to hold off until the fall,” says Gray. “That will give us time to hire the new employees so that they’re up to speed when the winter and holiday rush hits. We’ll definitely want to have as many competent customer service reps manning the phones at that point as possible.” Additional employees may be hired in the upcoming year as well. “If things keep on this trajectory, we’ll probably hire even more employees in 2013,” adds Gray.

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  • Sydney Graham
    July 24, 2013 11:40 pm

    Wow! Congratulations to mexicaninsurancestore.com. I’ve heard so many great things about your company and I intend to purchase my next Mexican auto insurance here.

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