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Mexican insurance for cars from MexicanInsuranceStore.com

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Fall turns thoughts to the holiday season, and while Mexico observes some of the same seasonal celebrations, the tastes and smells may be a bit different. A trip across the border during the Christmas season may show you the familiar bustle and busyness of preparations, but the foods in the grocery carts may intrigue you. Before you cross the border, be sure that your Mexican insurance for cars from MexicanInsuranceStore.com is current. You can select, buy, and print car insurance for Mexico at MexicanInsuranceStore.com from the convenience of your home office.

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Before Navidad

The Mexican culture doesn’t observe Halloween on October 31. Rather, this is Day of the Dead, an observance to honor deceased loved ones. Pan de muerto, bread of the dead, is sold during this time. You will also see corner vendors selling marigolds to be placed at the graves of family members. The focus is not so much on the food but on the respect for the deceased. Día de la Revolución is observed on November 20 with parades and festivals.  During the parades, you can buy bolis, frozen ice pops in fruity or creamy flavors. A vanilla boli is amazing. If you need help in how to consume these icy treats, just watch the kids in the crowd.

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Christmas celebrations

Tamales take center stage for Navidad, Christmas. Preparations are time consuming but well worth the effort. If you are just checking out a community, you may find tamales at local restaurants or from street vendors. A dessert dish served during the season is buñuelos. Mexican buñuelos are made of fried flour tortillas drizzled with honey. The crisp, crunchy treats may be a bit messy, but they are definitely worth it. Don’t miss the Rosca de los Reyes, a special cake served for the Day of the Kings on January 6.

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  • Mexico is a popular holiday destination for North Americans. Some travel to Mexico for cultural tour where they go shopping for antiques, artifacts and sample authentic Mexican cuisine. You too can drive into Mexico to enjoy this. However, make sure that your car is covered by Mexican insurance policy.

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