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Mexico Border – Traffic Lite

Mexico insurance with – Planning Your Mexico Trip for a Quick Return Home

If you’ve ever spent a long Sunday afternoon in the noise and chaos of an active border crossing as you head back to the U.S. after spending time in Mexico, you may wonder about the best ways to avoid excessive traffic at this point in your travels. A little bit of adjustment in your travel plans may be warranted, and you should adjust your Mexico insurance with accordingly. If you have a long-term Mexican insurance policy, just check before you travel to be sure that your coverage is up to date.

Change Your Travel Time

Tourism is at its height during major holidays and during the summer travel season. You can typically expect more activity at the border during these times. For off-season travel, try making your trip after the U.S. Labor Day holiday or after Easter and before summer vacation. Keep in mind that times of day can also be important as you reach the border as well. Afternoon traffic on Sundays is the most intense, making it wise to think about a pre-noon exit if you will leave the country on a weekend. Mexico insurance with is now required in order to drive legally on highways in Mexico.

If you don’t want to miss the weekend activities in Mexico, consider scheduling your departure for late-morning on a weekday. Allow enough time for rush-hour commuter traffic to thin out a bit. If you are making a last-minute decision to change your departure time, be sure that your Mexico insurance with is updated to include a later departure. If you have a long-term Mexican insurance policy, this isn’t as likely to be an issue, but many short trips are covered with date-specific periods. If your policy lapses, you could face problems if an accident occurs as you are in line at the border.

Fast Pass Businesses

As you plan your trip, consider staying at a hotel that offers fast-pass privileges. You may be able to use a dedicated lane at the border that experiences minimal traffic, perfect if you want to maximize your time in the country while minimizing time at the border. Keep track of your Mexico insurance with to ensure that you are covered throughout your trip. You will also benefit from legal assistance provisions if you do have any accidents or incidents.

Mexico insurance with comes with FREE Roadside Assistance.

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