Planning Pet Housing Options with a Mexican Insurance online policy

Mexican Insurance online policy

Pet Housing Options Traveling to Mexico

Mexican Insurance online policy Planning Options for Pet Housing

One of the most important travel preparations a pet owner can make involves securing pet accommodations. For many travelers, this usually requires leaving the pet back home, but as more and more travelers opt to vacation with their pets, bringing your cat or dog to Mexico is a viable option.
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If choosing to leave your cat or dog behind in a kennel, a pre-payment or deposit is usually required. At minimum, leaving a valid credit card number can ensure veterinary staff of your intentions to return for your animal. You will also be asked to fill out a form authorizing the clinic to treat your animal; should an emergency occur. A current Kennel Cough vaccination will be necessary and is generally under $20. When booking kennel reservations, please make your travel dates aware to the clinic’s staff. While you may return home on the weekend, usually you will have to wait until Monday morning to take your animal home. Additionally, this can help the staff plan any requested grooming or bathing activities.
A step often overlooked, designate an authorized agent to pick-up your animals and have his/her name on file with the staff. This will ensure your animals get picked-up on time, especially if your flight gets delayed, cancelled or you have to stay in Mexico longer than expected.
Should you decide to bring your cat or dog with you and have made the necessary travel arrangements, your animal will need a valid health certificate issued less than 72 hours before your planned entry into Mexico. It is wise to visit your vet the day before traveling, as you may experience delays that can absorb your 72 hour timeframe. In addition to the health certificate, your pet will also need a current vaccination record proving receipt of required shots. Your veterinarian can advise you regarding any necessary shots and if your pet is already in compliance.
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