Insurance for Mexico – Planning for a Fourth of July Mexican Vacation

Insurance for Mexico

July 4 in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Insurance for Mexico – Planning for a Fourth of July Mexican Vacation

Although the United States’ Independence Day is primarily quiet in Mexico, expatriates and visitors may find opportunities to gather and celebrate even in Latin surroundings. If you are traveling this holiday weekend, you might want to think more about your fellow travelers than your host nation. Traffic may be your biggest challenge, making it particularly important to pay attention to the details of your insurance for Mexico. Your Mexican insurance quote should address your travel dates, destination, and special coverage interests. Car insurance for Mexico is now required to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Travel Times

During regular weeks, border activity crossing into Mexico tends to increase at the end of the work day. Weekend traffic can be very heavy on a Friday evening due to travelers and commuters sharing the lanes. Averting this rush may be easier if you aim for a mid-morning or early-afternoon crossing time. Go a day earlier for an even better chance of avoiding excessive traffic. Similarly, be aware that traffic heading back to the U.S. will be at its height at the end of the holiday weekend.

Expect Sunday and Monday afternoon traffic to be extreme, especially with the Fourth of July falling on a Saturday. Consider extending your car insurance for Mexico to allow yourself a Tuesday exit. Decide to stay longer after your trip has commenced. You can get a Mexican insurance quote online for additional coverage by logging onto your account from your wireless device or at an Internet café.


Although big fireworks displays in Mexico aren’t likely on July 4, you can track down some cuetes on your own. Be aware that these are not necessarily the safest options, making it essential for adult supervision and reasonable caution if you choose to use them. Many dulcerías sell fireworks, typically for Mexico’s Independence Day, September 17. They are also famous for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve celebrations. You might choose to enjoy your cuetes on the beach or in the yard of a rental residence. Just remember to take necessary fire and safety precautions.

Car insurance for Mexico for July 4 is a necessary precaution for traveling safely and legally as you drive in Mexico. So don’t head south without it.

Car insurance for Mexico from comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional cost.

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  • For most people in Mexico, 4th of July isn’t a big deal.  It’s nothing more than just a typical local holiday.  Complete your activity by seeking your Mexico insurance.

  • Rocky Flanery
    August 5, 2015 5:40 pm

    It’s true, car insurance on the 4th of July is the key safety measure to travel legally and safely to Mexico. Avoid heading off to south if you don’t have your Mexican insurance.

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