Plan Changes and Mexican Insurance for Cars with

Plan Changes and Mexican insurance for cars with Mexican Insurance Store

Travel plans can change at any point in your preparation or during your actual trip. From emergencies to changes of heart, you may find that you need to adjust your Mexican insurance for cars with Mexican Insurance Store. Buying Mexican insurance online at makes it easier to handle such changes, an excellent reason for skipping the border booths in lieu of an Internet-based solution. You can print the new documents for your car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance in just a few minutes.

Making Changes in Mexico

There are many reasons why you may need to change your coverage.

  •  If your car insurance for Mexico is written for a set period and you decide to stay longer, you will need to buy additional Mexican insurance online at to ensure that your coverage doesn’t lapse
  • If your initial policy was written with only one state in your travel itinerary, you may need to adjust your Mexican insurance to ensure higher limits are included because some states have higher death benefits for survivors of citizens killed in accidents
  • Early termination of a trip – if uncontrollable issues occur early in your trip, you may need to cancel your Mexican insurance online in some cases, a refund may be possible

Making Changes Before Your Trip

It’s also possible that you will have issues arrive in advance of your planned trip. Prior to the start date of your car insurance for Mexico , you can make a number of changes without penalty. Examples include:

  • If your trip won’t take place, you can obtain a full refund of your Mexican insurance online at; requests for cancellation must be made in writing
  • If your trip is still in the works, you can change your effective dates by contacting the company
  • You may find that your driving in Mexico will involve a longer or shorter time period; extended policies may be better priced as six-month or one-year coverage
  • If you’ve rethought your type of coverage, you may choose to change from liability-only to full coverage
  • You may decide to broaden your full coverage to include partial theft and vandalism protections

Mexican insurance for cars with comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Cabo San Lucas - Driving to Mexico

Cabo San Lucas – Driving to Mexico

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