Places to visit in Baja Mexico and Mexican Car Insurance!

Cabo San Lucas

Baja California is a popular tourist destination in Mexico. It is close enough to the US border so that getting there simply involves an easy drive along well paved roads and far enough so that the visitor feels he or she is taking a real vacation.

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Places to visit in Baja Mexico and Mexican Car Insurance!

Located in the northwestern part of Mexico, it is a peninsula bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, Sonora and the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortes) on the east, and the border of the US state of California to the north.

Baja has a diverse geography consisting of mountains, desert, forests, and beaches, which makes it an ideal place for outdoor recreation activities. Baja has many towns which can offer the tourist or visitor sights or activities that will make his or her vacation one to remember.

Here are some of the towns and the attractions they offer.

San Felipe

San Felipe is famous for having one of the worlds largest tidal bores. A tidal bore is a phenomenon where the leading edge of the tide forms waves as it comes in. In San Felipe, Baja the tide recedes up to a kilometer which not only allows one to witness this tidal phenomenon that occurs in very little places in the world, it also gives one the opportunity to see a portion of the sea floor that one does not usually see in even the best beaches in the world.


Tecate is home to several ranches and spa resorts. It also has the famous Tecate brewery which brews pale beer. A tour is available for those who wish to see how this beer is brewed or sample its product.

One can also choose to visit the cave paintings in Vallecito if one’s visit is during the spring. In Ensenada, one can find the starting point of one of the sanctioned off-road races—the Baja 1000. Marvel at the sand dunes or take a tour of Ensenada Bay for some dolphin and sea lion watching.

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