Pay a Visit to Ojinaga Mexico with Mexican Auto Insurance Online!

If you pay attention to the travel alerts that are occasionally issued for Mexico, youre likely to see the names of many border towns crop up from time to time. Due to the drug trade, many Mexican border towns are hotbeds of criminal activity and are best to be avoided. However, theres one important exception that you might want to visit: Ojinaga. As one of the few untouched Mexican border towns, Ojinaga is entertaining and a history buffs dream come true. Learn more about the town by reading through the information below.

How to Get to Ojinaga

Ojinaga is located right across the border from Presidio, Texas. To get there then, you need to get to Presidio. More importantly, you need to secure decent Mexican auto insurance online. Sure, you’re just going to be right across the border. However, you could end up in very serious trouble if you fail to buy Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. Save yourself time and money by purchasing your Mexico Insurance Online. Although its possible to buy Mexican insurance at the border, its usually a ripoff and may not even offer adequate protection.

A Town with a Rich History

As unassuming as the Ojinaga of today may seem with a relativitely small population, it has a rich and intriguing history. It is believed that Pueblo Native Americans originally settled the area back around 1200 AD. The Spanish made their first visit to the area in 1535. No real action happened in the town until the Mexican Revolution, when Pancho Villas forces squared off against government soldiers. Although its not certain, some believe that Ambrose Bierce may have died here. In either case, plenty of interesting things, including the Battle of Ojinaga, took place here.

Stop in at the Museum

The best way to learn more about the various things that have happened in Ojinaga is by stopping by the Manuel Ojinaga Museum. Within its walls, you will be able to take in all sorts of interesting artifacts and exhibits. A large selection of fossils that have been unearthed in area are housed here; theres also a wide range of unique Indian artifacts. Make sure to check out the exhibit about the Mexican Revolution, which is especially well done. You may not spend much time in Ojinaga, but make sure not to miss this museum. Pay a Visit to Ojinaga Mexico with Mexican Insurance!

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  • Buying a Mexico insurance policy at the border is often offered at a higher price. There isn’t enough time to compare costs and shop around. You will probably end up buying a lower quality policy at a higher price.

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