Pay a Visit to Mexicos Canon del Sumidero National Park!

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There are plenty of great reasons to buy Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. For one, it allows you to explore Mexico on your own terms. By checking rates and investing in a quality Mexico insurance policy, you could drive down to Canon del Sumidero National Park, located in the state of Chiapas. In fact, it’s only about 25 miles from the capital of Chiapas, Gutierrez. Whats so special about the park? It boasts breathtaking cliffs, eclectic assortments of plants and flowers and many great animals, including the American crocodile. When you feast your eyes on the parks gorgeous 3,000 foot tall cliffs, you will be exceptionally glad you bought Mexican insurance online; learn more about the park below.

The Legend of Canon del Sumidero

Not surprisingly, the Canon del Sumidero, which means Sumidero Canyon in English, has been inhabited for many centuries. For years, the Chiapanecas, indigenous peoples who lived in the region, called the canyon home. As the Spanish began their conquest of Mexico, however, many Chiapanecas jumped to their deaths from these towering cliffs. To them, such a move offered a means of escape from their oppressors. Today, many people buy Mexican insurance and head down to the park to see those very same cliffs, and you can too. Upon laying eyes on them, you will quickly understand why they have been so popular through the centuries.

When to Visit

In terms of temperature, theres no bad time to visit Canon del Sumidero National Park. It never gets cold there, so you dont have to worry about being chilly. The weather related issue that you do have to watch out for is rain. From about June to October, Canon del Sumidero receives a great deal of rain. The wetness doesnt bother some, but it can be a major issue to others. If youd like to stay relatively dry while visiting the park, plan your visit around its rainy season. No matter when you come though, youll have an unforgettable time.

Visit the Crocs

After buying Mexican auto insurance and driving all the way down to Chiapas, youre going to want to see some worthwhile things. Luckily, Canon del Sumidero National Park is bursting at its seams with great attractions and sights. One of the most famous things about the park is its large population of American crocodiles. While you dont want to get too close to these dangerous creatures, there are several ways to check them out from afar. Check with a local to see about getting a tour of the places where the crocodiles hang out. With any luck, youll be able to bring home some amazing pictures! Pay a visit to Mexicos Canon del Sumidero National Park!

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