Patzcuaro Mexico – Exploration and Adventure Go Hand in Hand!

Patzcuaro (Mexico)

Do you love to explore through areas where old age traditions still survive? Patzcuaro is one such city in the Mexican state of Michoacan where you can explore through traditions and local culture. While walking through the cobble stone streets you will come across beautiful colorful house providing tinge uniqueness to the city of Patzcuaro. Canadian and US travelers to Mexico visit the city especially to excurse through the splendid landscapes which were believed that gods visit here and return to the heaven. Apart from culture and traditions, rich architecture is another attraction in the city. There are several old buildings in the city showcasing different styles of architecture depicting the times the city has gone through. Always consider driving your own vehicle while exploring through the city so that you dont get exhausted while walking. But obtain Mexican insurance before gearing up your vehicle.

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One of the oldest religious center pieces in Patzcuaro is The Basilica of Our Lady of Health which was built five centuries ago. The beautiful architecture has been designed in Byzantine style. Canadian excursionists visit the structure especially to explore through the history of the city. Another five centuries old building in the town is Temple of San Francisco which is one of the oldest churches of Patzcuaro. You will hear several stories from the locals related to the church. While walking through the alleys in the church you find several oil paintings showing important people of Franciscan times.

If you are interested in archeology, travel to the west of Patzcuaro for a few kilometers and you will reach the archeological site of Tingambato. While exploring through the site you’ will come across two plazas with a tomb and places dedicated to worship and a ball court. After admiring the beautiful architecture, if your mind, body and soul is asking some relief and soothing experience, you should travel to Cascade La Tzararacua. The 50 meters high waterfall is one of the major attractions not only in Patzcuaro but in the whole state of Michoacan. Adventure enthusiasts from Canada visit the city to enjoy activities such as camping, rappelling, hiking and zip lining.

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  • Rowland Martin
    August 6, 2013 5:41 pm

    I am not an adventurous person but when I was spending my holiday at Patzcuaro I did a lot of exploring. My car was protected under the Mexican auto insurance, we went exploring day and night without being worried it was going to be stolen.

  • Shemika Tuch
    March 14, 2014 5:12 pm

    I was seeking for a place where time literally stops and all I need to do is enjoy the moment with my loved ones. Patzcuaro Mexico is indeed the best place that fits my imagination. I will keep on buying the Mexican auto insurance every year so that we can go to Patzcuaro anytime we want.

  • Savanna Bogert
    March 14, 2014 5:12 pm

    Indulging myself in old traditions in Mexico made me realize that I’ve been working too hard and hadn’t taken any break for so long. It was a refreshing feeling to sit together with the folks in Patzcuaro, chit-chatting in a relaxed manner. Although I have to buy the Mexican car insurance to enter Mexico, the experience that I got in return is invaluable.

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