How To Find Great Mexico Travel Deals On Craigslist – Car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store

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Car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store

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Car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store – How To Find Great Mexico Travel Deals On Craigslist

Most visitors to Mexico miss out on major savings by not using their resources before their travel begins. We pride ourselves on giving the best rates on car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store policies, however, to get the most out of your drive in Mexico, we strongly suggest that you use Craigslist to find great deals on your Mexican vacation.

To get started, we do not suggest you go to because in our experience it greatly limits your search by only allowing you to search one local area at a time. Instead, we use the most powerful search tool around – Google – to begin your bargain hunt.

This information is brought to you by car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store , North of San Diego, California, we are the Number One Seller of Mexican car insurance policies in Southern California’s Inland Empire. (Pop. 14,000,000).  You now need car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store in order to drive legally on highways in Mexico.

So first, go to using your favorite web browser.

Next, we want you to focus your search to only the Craigslist website, and here’s how. In the Google search box, you first type in the following:

This tells Google to only search the website. Next, in the same blank we’ll enter in what we’re looking for deals on. For our example, we’re looking for ‘Cancun hotels’. So, our entire search would look like the following in our Google search box: Cancun hotels

Now, we get results from not only places in Mexico that are offering Cancun hotels, but also people in Seattle with timeshares they’re willing to part with. The list is vast and the bargains are rock bottom (which is just the way we like it).

Before your travel begins and to make sure you see as much as you can when visiting Mexico, use the power of Google and the wealth of discounts provided by Craigslist to secure some great deals in Mexico.

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Real Mexican Guacamole Made Simple – Mexican Insurance Store Mexican Insurance

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexican Insurance Store Mexican Insurance

Real Mexican Guacamole

Mexican Insurance Store Mexican Insurance – Real Mexican Guacamole Made Simple

You’ve heard the phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” and if you’re planning to head off on a driving tour of Mexico, a great way to get in the mood is with Mexican food.

This recipe is brought to you by Mexican Insurance Store Mexican insurance, your source for the best quality car insurance for Mexico by Mexican Insurance Store Mexican insurance is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico. Car Insurance for Mexico by is necessary in order to meet your financial obligations in case of an accident.

Now, although there are literally thousands of Mexican restaurants in America, a lot of Mexican food has been “Americanized” for our tastes. So why not try some simple Mexican dishes using fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. A favorite – and one of the easiest to make – is Guacamole. It’s simple, it’s delicious, and it’s great either as a dip with chips or as a condiment with your favorite tacos, burritos or fajitas. Here’s the best way to make Guacamole:

First of all, the key to good guacamole is great avocados, and you won’t find better avocados than the ones grown in California. To make sure the ones you select are good, use these tips: 1) pick avocados that don’t have any bruises or scars; 2) if the avocado is ripe, the stem will pull out easily. 3) give the avocado a squeeze. If it is not ripe it will be hard. If it is too ripe, it will feel loose under the skin. If it’s just right, it will feel firm, yet soft, similar to the way a hand feels when you shake it. Grab yourself a couple fresh ones and try this recipe:

Ingredients: 2 fresh avocados

½ lemon, juiced

2 tablespoons of chopped onion

½ teaspoon of salt

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Directions: Cut the avocados in half and take out the seed. Scoop the contents into a bowl and mash them with a fork. Add the remaining ingredients and stir. The most important part: Chill for one hour before serving. This allows all the flavors to adequately mix, creating a delicious and tasty treat.

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Fiesta of Saint Peter and Saint Paul – Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance

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Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance

Fiesta of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance – Fiesta of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

June 29 marks the official date of the Fiesta of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, a religious holiday celebrated across Mexico. Those looking to join in on the festivities will do well to set their travel plans in the directions of Nayarit, Mexcaltitn, and Zaachila, Oaxaca, the four places where the largest Mexican celebrations occur. Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Remember for peace of mind while you celebrate remember to purchase Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance while driving in Mexico. US and Canadian issued car insurance policies are invalid and won’t protect you.

According to Wikipedia, this holiday marks the date of martyrdom of Saint Peter and Paul of Tarsus both of which occurred in Rome. The celebration begins with a vigil held on the evening before, and continues with the celebration feast on June 29.

Those traveling to Mexico to celebrate will be greatly entertained with the abundance of parades, mariachi bands, traditional Mexican dancers and feasts galore are provided by locals. All of Mexico welcomes you to enjoy this yearly tradition.

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Solve the “Visiting Mexico With Your Pet” Problem

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance

Most pet owners loathe the thought of leaving their beloved pets at a boarding kennel or in the care of a relative or friend while on vacation. You might consider bringing your pet with you on a Mexican vacation. Because of this, it is important to solve the visiting Mexico with your pet problem. And you need to research the requirements related to crossing the border with your pet before hitting the road.

It’s a good idea to buy top-quality Mexican insurance online before driving in Mexico. This is because US and Canadian car insurance policies are invalid in Mexico. You will most likely get into prison if you have an accident in Mexico. And you will stay in prison until you pay damages. This is true if you do not have adequate insurance for Mexico liability limits on your policy. It is also a good idea to purchase Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance You need to do this ahead of time to save time, money, and frustration. Review the best “A” rated Mexican auto insurance programs, quotes, and coverage to suit your individual requirements with affordable protection.

Visiting Mexico With Your Pet – 2016 Document Requirements and Restrictions

To ensure your pet cat or dog may cross the border into Mexico – and return with you to the U.S. – you must carry two essential documents with you on your trip. According to the Mexican Consulate, authorities require pet owners to carry both an International Certificate of Good Health and proof of vaccination with them when visiting Mexico. A licensed vet who has examined your animal within 10 days prior to travel must issue the International Certificate of Good Health. This is also called Form 77-043. Proof of vaccination against distemper and rabies must show your pet was vaccinated for at least 15 days. And no more than one year, prior to entering Mexico.

Do not worry if customs official visually inspects your pet for signs of disease before allowing you to enter Mexico or return to the United States. This is normal. They will not quarantine your pets provided you have the necessary documents with you when crossing the border. Cats and dogs under the age of three months cannot legally enter Mexico.

Vaccination Information

Besides bringing a copy of your Mexican auto insurance policy with you, pet owners need to bring proof of pet ownership. And make certain that your cat or dog wears a collar and tag with updated contact information. Health authorities recommend that the vet should have vaccinated your dog against hepatitis and leptospirosis. Recommended vaccinations for cats include calicivirus, rhinovirus, and panleukopenia. Do not allow your cat or dog to come into contact with unknown animals during your travels.

While it is okay to relax and let your pets enjoy their time away from home, it is essential to keep a close eye on them when in any foreign country. Dogs are especially prone to wandering and should be kept on a leash as often as possible. Wandering in unfamiliar territory can lead to a vacation spent searching for your missing animal instead of enjoying the culture and beauty of Mexico.

Bring Your Pet To Mexico – Mexican Insurance Travel Guide

Medical Payments Needed in Mexico and Mexican Auto Insurance

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexican Auto Insurance

Mexico Health Care for Americans

Mexican Auto Insurance – Medical Payments Needed in Mexico

In reality, many Mexican auto insurance brokers will NOT tell you that auto insurance alone, when driving in Mexico is not enough.

The fact of the matter is that if you get into an accident, there is a VERY high likelihood that you will need emergency assistance… particularly in Mexico where the severity of accidents can be worse than in the United States. Mexican auto insurance provided by come with Medical Payments coverage with can be used by the driver and up to 4 passengers to pay for urgent care or hospital bills.

Additionally, most people consider health insurance South of the Border a MUST … but your health insurance policy issued in the United States or Canada usually does not cover an injury in Mexico, so you may need higher medical payments coverage added to your car insurance for Mexico policy, in order to insure that some, if not all of your doctor or hospital bills will be taken care of in the event of a car accident.

This means after you purchase Mexican auto insurance for your trip, and you end up NEEDING it, your United States health insurance will not cover any injuries because US and Canadian health insurance is not readily recognized in Mexico, that’s why its added to your car insurance for Mexico policy.

Of course while it is true that Mexico does have a health system that gives free medical coverage to its citizens, Mexico’s facilities are not available to foreigners without charge. If you’re from the U.S. you may need to use a more expensive private clinic. Having said this medical expenses in Mexico are far less than in the U.S.

For this reason, make sure that medical payments are added or included in your policy, as you can use it whether the other guy is insured or not.

Also, its no secret that authorities in Mexico may attempt to take advantage of gringo visitors from the North. If you are in an auto accident, you may certainly need legal help, which means you’ll want your Mexican auto insurance to cover legal liability AND bail bond.

Many brokers do not sell Mexican auto insurance that adequately covers legal assistance. Most Mexican auto insurance by policies cover legal assistance which is included up to the liability limit of the policy.

Mexico Travel Adventures

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

When most think of Mexican travel, images of chihuahuas and sombreros come to mind. Others may envision crowded marketplaces and the hustle and bustle of peddlers looking to off homemade goods.

However, for those who travel to Mexico regularly and especially for those who live there, one of the best commodities Mexico has to offer lies in the abundance of adventures that are available off the beaten path.

In fact, there are so many different adventures available in this land of plenty, it’s difficult to decide which thrills to cover. To whet your taste buds, we’ve decided to include a little something for everyone in hopes that you’ll dig a little deeper into the treasures available in Mexico.

1. Exploring the ruins of times long ago. Ancient civilizations that took root in Mexico left behind amazing tools, treasures, and shelters that provide a glimpse of everyday life. The Mayan ruins are by far some of the most popular, but there are also Chichen Itza, Coba, and Muyil to explore. Just remember Mexican Insurance by for your Mexico travel adventures as it will keep you out of trouble.

2. Kayaking keeps you in touch with sea life. Imagine kayaking alongside dolphins or wondering what the sea lion really wants to ask you as he comes within earshot of your kayak. Baja kayaking is a great way to get in touch with the wildlife that inhabits Mexico’s coastlines. Not only does it allow you to tune in to nature, but it’s also a great way to get off the beaten path. You’ll find it so easy to create your own adventure, simply kayak to your day camping, hiking, or favorite snorkeling location.

3. Hiking the volcanoes – not for the faint and weary. There are hundreds of volcanoes in the mountains of Mexico, and although all are not inviting of adventure-seekers, there are several inactive volcanoes that hikers have traveled for decades. Before traveling on this adventure, you may want to take lessons in mountain climbing survival, study the terrain, and keep in mind that novices need not attempt at all.

4. Saddle up for your next adventure. There are several cities in Mexico that offer horseback riding adventures at great rates. In fact, we couldn’t find many cities that didn’t allow you to commune with nature on the back of a steed. And although we are lovers of fast travel, hidden adventures can easily be found when you slow down.

From rock climbing to horseback riding to swimming with the underwater residents, Mexico is one of the best places on earth for adventure-seeking tourists. Have a great time; your Mexico adventure awaits!

Mexican Insurance by

Chichen Itza Mexico Mayan Ruins

Problems Experienced By Mexico Motorists

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance

Topes = Speed Bumps

Mexican Insurance Store  has issued a report on the top legal and insurance related problems experienced while driving on vacation in Mexico. Unlike the law in the U.S., in Mexico the assumption of guilt prevails over the assumption of innocence. The penalties for not having insurance while traveling in Mexico can be severe.

Common Mexican Insurance Problems:

1. Not Having Mexican insurance.

U.S. and Canadian auto insurance is NOT recognized in Mexico. Vacationers that don’t buy Mexican Insurance and have an accident may spend many hours or days in jail and have their vehicle confiscated.

2. Not Having Emergency Medical Assistance

Mexico can be a dangerous place to be without emergency medical assistance. Most U.S. health insurance is not valid in Mexico.

3. Buying Emergency Medical Assistance that is NOT Valid in Rural Areas

Travelers need to read the fine print in “emergency medical assistance options”. In order to save money, some insurance companies limit their coverage to major cities of Mexico.

4. Emergency Medical & Travel Assistance with a monetary limit

This is another area where the fine print can not be overlooked. Most policies have a low monetary limit or do not cover pre-existing conditions. Evacuation by air or land can be expensive and is not included in many policies. Costs can reach $100,000 per patient.

5. Not Having Assistance Services for Friends and Family

Don’t forget to get coverage for your traveling companions. Ask whether there are restrictions such as up to 4 passengers.

All Auto Insurance Plans should include:

* Emergency Medical Assistance good in cities and rural areas.

* Emergency Medical & Travel Assistance good for the entire family with no monetary limit and guaranteed hospital admittance.

* A minimum US $20,000 in Legal Assistance & Bail Bond.

Prepare for Medical Emergencies Well in Mexico

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance

Mexican Insurance by

Medical Emergencies in Mexico

Just as accidents happen while in Canada or in the U.S. that might land you in the emergency room, there’s always a chance that you or someone in your travel party may need medical attention while in Mexico. Things happen, but they aren’t a crisis unless you’re totally unprepared. That’s why we offer the following medical tips that will help you prepare for medical emergencies before you travel to Mexico.

1. Know how to ask for help. In Mexico, most locals speak Spanish and quite a few are fluent in English. Don’t take chances when you need help. Minimally, learn the Spanish words for “help” (ayuda), “Please help us” (ayœdenos por favor), and “fire” (fuego). Words such as “doctor”, “police”, “emergency”, and “hospital” are similar in sound.

prescription medicines

Dozens of prescription medicine bottles in a jumble. This collection of pill bottles is symbolic of the many medications senior adults and chronically ill people take.

2. Identify which hospitals are best for your Mexican insurance. Depending on your health insurance policy, you may receive protection for your illnesses and injuries experienced in Mexico. Before you travel, call your Canadian or U.S. health insurance company and simply ask what is covered, whether or not you need to go to a specific hospital for the coverage (based on your travel plans), and what will be needed in the form of documentation if an emergency arises.

3. If you get into an auto accident, the better Mexico auto insurance policies provide Medical Payments protection for you and your passengers. Medical payments help pay doctor’s and hospital bills. As all Mexico auto insurance policies are a la carte, some policies will not afford this protection. US and Canadian car insurance are invalid in Mexico. All Mexican Insurance by come with medical payments coverage included.

4. Pack the Pepto. Foreign foods and spices can wreck havoc on your system way faster than they do back home. Whenever you travel be sure to pack a few essential items to get you through diarrhea, upset stomach, gas, etc. along with aspirin and items for sore muscles. Depending on how accustomed your body is to the Mexico experience, you may need more or less of these items. Bug sprain and a first aid kit that’s fully stocked should get you through most non-emergencies. Call a doctor if you experience symptoms for more than 24 hours. offers help for severe illness.

Remember, vacations are made to be enjoyed, not endured. Adventurous types should plan for breaks and bruises, conservatives should prep for upset tummies and headaches. All in all, no one is immune to illness when you travel, so be prepared.

Great Places To Get Married in Mexico

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexican insurance

Cabo Surf Wedding

Those looking to drive down to Mexico for an ultimate wedding experience should look into some of the great places to get married. For an overnight trip or a weekend wedding experience, the following locations are sure to set the mood and provide perfect backdrops for your wedding pics.

Remember if your guests are driving even a short distance, you need to remind them that they need to protect themselves with Mexican insurance as US and Canadian auto insurance is invalid in Mexico.

Mexico provides some of the best wedding destinations on earth. Remember that when planning your wedding in Mexico, you must obtain Mexico insurance  before driving. Keep your wedding worries to a minimum by making sure you and your party are protected when motoring around Mexico.

Mexico City, Mexico – A modern, upbeat location, Mexico City provides the flare of the big city intermingled with the traditions of old Mexico. With temperatures comfortably lingering around 70 degrees year round, there is no bad time to plan your wedding celebration. From wedding planning to the honeymoon, Mexico City should be added to your list of great wedding destinations.

Wedding in Mexican Beach

Young couple kissing at wedding reception

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – For a truly tropical wedding, Puerto Vallarta provides the perfect location to make your wedding day dreams come true. Nestled near some of the best beaches in the world, Puerto Vallarta provides breath-taking views and locals that aim to please. What a wonderful way to spend your wedding day!

Riviera Maya, Mexico – Riviera Maya will provide long-last memories that are unique to this tropical paradise. Your guests will be constantly pampered by the beauty that exists on the Riviera Maya. Sandy beaches perfect for exchanging vows, and lush landscapes provide the retreat of a lifetime.

Yucatan, Mexico – No matter what your wedding style, Yucatan, Mexico can complete your wish list. From sandy beach weddings to traditional Mexican weddings, Yucatan has your best interests in mind. Resorts abound for you and your guests, and there is no order too large or too small.

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Packing Notes: What To Pack For Mexico

Mexican insurance,Mexican auto insurance,Mexico insurance
Mexican Insurance Store Mexican Insurance

Packing For Mexico


When preparing for a driving trip to Mexico, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the things you can and cannot travel with. There are obvious items: firearms and drugs, for example, that are a definite no-no. Taking either guns or drugs across the border (or trying to re-enter the U.S. with these items) could lead to an extended stay – up to 25 years in a Mexican jail, in fact, so absolutely no non-prescription drugs or guns.

Otherwise, packing for your Mexican vacation is not unlike packing for any trip. You are allowed to take appropriate clothing for your personal use. Be sure to avoid taking too much, and it’s a good idea to take the tags off any new clothes you’ve bought for the trip, just to make sure there’s no question about whether your items are for personal use versus commercial resale.

Packing needs include a  Mexican Insurance policy as US and Canadian auto insurance is invalid. To save time money and frustration purchase a Mexican Insurance Store Mexican Insurance policy online before you leave for vacation.

Likewise, skip the “super size” toiletries and take only what you need for the amount of time you are staying. After all, you can always buy a bar of soap or bottle of shampoo in Mexico.

Your personal medications are allowed, as long as you have a prescription. You are also allowed (if you are an adult) to take in 20 packs of cigarettes or 200 grams of tobacco and three liters of alcohol.

If you normally travel with a huge bag of back-logged magazines or books, be sure to limit yourself to just 20 books and/or magazines. This applies to everyone in your car (20 books or magazines per person).

Maps and The Road Atlas

Driving to Mexico

Although you can legally take your laptop computer and the necessary equipment to operate it, it’s probably not a good idea for everyone in your car to have one, as it might raise eyebrows at the border or make you a good target for theft. (And Mexican Auto Insurance Policies do NOT cover this) Besides, if you’re going on a vacation, do you really need to keep up with email? Does everyone in your family need their own laptop? Remember that internet access south of the border will be spotty. You may want to consider leaving the computer at home, or at least leave some of the computers at home.

You can take a set of binoculars and a TV with a screen size up to 12 inches, so personal DVD players are okay, as are ipods or other portable music players (one per person). You should not bring your entire movie collection or a huge CD case full of music, as you are allowed only 20 disks total. Just take your favorites and leave most of your personal collection at home.

If you are traveling with children, you are allowed only five toys per child. Before you gasp, remember where you are going and how very fortunate your children are. Force yourself to abide by this rule. Some simple rules before you leave home can save much anguish that can be caused at the border when officials confiscate your child’s coveted Beanie Baby or Barbie collection.

If you are going camping, you can take your tent and camping equipment. You can also bring a limited supply of fishing tackle or a pair of skis or two tennis racquets. The rule with sporting equipment is that each individual can take only what he or she can carry.

Your digital camera and video recorder are welcome in Mexico, but if you still take pictures the “old fashioned way,” be advised that you can only bring 12 rolls of film.

A complete list of what you can and cannot take to Mexico can be obtained from the U.S. State Department at