Packing Personal Items For Mexico Travel!

Full suitcase packed for vacation.

Packing personal Items for a successful Mexico driving vacation just take a little organization! Clothing, comfortable shoes and required travel documents are some of the most important vacation items travelers make sure they pack but sometimes, personal items are often overlooked. From everyday medicines to as-needed items and emergency supplies, creating a personal item checklist ensures travelers will have everything they need for a successful vacation to Mexico.

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Adult male and female travelers may need to pack personal items for themselves such as birth control, feminine products and menstrual cramp relief. Parents may consider packing items appropriate for their children. Diapers, wipes, plastic sheets, powders, ointments, sippy cups, bottles and other everyday items will need packing. If planning to use the pool, inflatable floatation devices, life vests, water shoes, swimming potty pants and other age-appropriate items are recommended.

To limit the amount of space taken up in luggage, only count out as many items as needed for recreation. For example, if planning a week long vacation, you only may actually use the pool two or three times. Save baggage weight and space by only packing the items you will need. If bringing your pet with you or if boarding your pet at a kennel, pets need to have their medications, comfort items and toys packed so they too, feel at home.

Heartworm, flea, and prescribed medications are necessary items while leashes, a favorite toy, pet bed and treats may also be required. For pets left behind, a favorite blanket or towel with the family’s scent on it can help comfort temporarily- separated animals. Packing Personal Items For Mexico Travel!

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