Packing Notes: What To Pack For Mexico

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Packing For Mexico


When preparing for a driving trip to Mexico, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the things you can and cannot travel with. There are obvious items: firearms and drugs, for example, that are a definite no-no. Taking either guns or drugs across the border (or trying to re-enter the U.S. with these items) could lead to an extended stay – up to 25 years in a Mexican jail, in fact, so absolutely no non-prescription drugs or guns.

Otherwise, packing for your Mexican vacation is not unlike packing for any trip. You are allowed to take appropriate clothing for your personal use. Be sure to avoid taking too much, and it’s a good idea to take the tags off any new clothes you’ve bought for the trip, just to make sure there’s no question about whether your items are for personal use versus commercial resale.

Packing needs include a  Mexican Insurance policy as US and Canadian auto insurance is invalid. To save time money and frustration purchase a Mexican Insurance Store Mexican Insurance policy online before you leave for vacation.

Likewise, skip the “super size” toiletries and take only what you need for the amount of time you are staying. After all, you can always buy a bar of soap or bottle of shampoo in Mexico.

Your personal medications are allowed, as long as you have a prescription. You are also allowed (if you are an adult) to take in 20 packs of cigarettes or 200 grams of tobacco and three liters of alcohol.

If you normally travel with a huge bag of back-logged magazines or books, be sure to limit yourself to just 20 books and/or magazines. This applies to everyone in your car (20 books or magazines per person).

Maps and The Road Atlas

Driving to Mexico

Although you can legally take your laptop computer and the necessary equipment to operate it, it’s probably not a good idea for everyone in your car to have one, as it might raise eyebrows at the border or make you a good target for theft. (And Mexican Auto Insurance Policies do NOT cover this) Besides, if you’re going on a vacation, do you really need to keep up with email? Does everyone in your family need their own laptop? Remember that internet access south of the border will be spotty. You may want to consider leaving the computer at home, or at least leave some of the computers at home.

You can take a set of binoculars and a TV with a screen size up to 12 inches, so personal DVD players are okay, as are ipods or other portable music players (one per person). You should not bring your entire movie collection or a huge CD case full of music, as you are allowed only 20 disks total. Just take your favorites and leave most of your personal collection at home.

If you are traveling with children, you are allowed only five toys per child. Before you gasp, remember where you are going and how very fortunate your children are. Force yourself to abide by this rule. Some simple rules before you leave home can save much anguish that can be caused at the border when officials confiscate your child’s coveted Beanie Baby or Barbie collection.

If you are going camping, you can take your tent and camping equipment. You can also bring a limited supply of fishing tackle or a pair of skis or two tennis racquets. The rule with sporting equipment is that each individual can take only what he or she can carry.

Your digital camera and video recorder are welcome in Mexico, but if you still take pictures the “old fashioned way,” be advised that you can only bring 12 rolls of film.

A complete list of what you can and cannot take to Mexico can be obtained from the U.S. State Department at

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