Packing for Mexican Vacation -What to Prioritize

The country of Mexico has a diverse climate and terrain; ranging from coastal seaside beaches to cooler mountain top areas. When packing for Mexican vacation you should first consider the means of both entering and exiting the country (air, land, or sea).

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Remember to pack a Mexican vehicle insurance policy before you leave if you are driving into Mexico. Quality Mexican vehicle insurance policies bought online include medical payments and car rental. And you may need both in case of an auto accident. Mexican law now requires Mexican insurance in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

If coming by air, due to limitations on toiletry sizes and extra baggage charges, a person has to be mindful to pack allowable products and adhere to size limits. Be sure to pack your suitcase beforehand and weigh it. This will allow plenty of time for any reductions to be made and will save you from the surprise of receiving baggage overage charges.

Consider Customs Limitations When Packing for Mexican Vacation

No matter by what means a person enters Mexico, there are quantity limits imposed by customs regarding personal products. One person may bring into Mexico the following items on a duty-free basis: one camera (either digital or manual), one cell phone, one computer, one CD player, five DVD’s and 20 CDs. If needing photographic film, a person may bring up to 12 rolls of film. Even if following the allowable limits, you still need to declare all items upon entering the country to avoid the risk of seizure.

prescription medicines

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For persons requiring medication, Mexico allows medications to enter, however they need to be your own, prescribed medications. This means you will need a copy of your original prescription bearing the physician’s contact information and signature. Be sure to declare these items and provide the required documentation if asked.

Whether entering Mexico by air, land, or sea, never bring any firearms, knives, or ammunition. Mexico imposes strict penalties for those in violation, including jail time. Be sure to leave all pocket knives at home, remove firearms from vehicles (if driving), and notify all travel party members regarding this policy.

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Mexico vacation: Guilt-free indulgence

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  • James Harroll
    July 21, 2013 5:06 pm

    Thanks to the advanced technology, I don’t have to bring a CD player or DVDs when I travel to Mexico. My mobile phone and my laptop are good enough.

  • Shopping around for Mexican car insurance allows the person to research questions like which is the best price and which is the best provider.

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