Overcoming Mexico English-Spanish Barriers Using Current Technology!

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Overcoming Mexico Language Barriers Using Current Technology! One of the things English speaking people may sometimes take for granted is the ability to communicate. When visiting Mexico, many hotel and restaurant employees do speak English but in more remote areas, it may be more difficult to find someone who can assist; especially if there is an accent present. People from the South, North or those whose first language is something other than English or Spanish may produce a dialect that sounds unfamiliar to some Mexican people.

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Asking for a garnish on the side, alternate directions to a destination, a crib in your hotel room or other type of special request can be difficult. Because some people may not realize they have accents, attempts at basic Spanish may sound distorted. It is encouraged to converse with locals in their natural language, as this shows a sign of respect for their language and a genuine interest in Mexican culture. After making a request, if there are still communication obstacles, speaking in English is perfectly acceptable.

If encountering someone who does not speak English, having an electronic translation device or English-Spanish dictionary is a wise investment. When using the dictionary, if unfamiliar with the pronunciation of Spanish words, point to the word you are trying to say. This will not only ensure the correct word is communicated but it will most likely result in the person speaking the desired word; which helps the traveler learn the word’s correct pronunciation. Computers can also help travelers prepare before leaving.

Language translation sites help rephrase English words into Spanish phrases. When using one of these sites, think about your lifestyle requirements. Do you like “no smoking” sections of restaurants or order your hamburger a certain way? Even the smallest details in life may require translating. Being prepared ahead of time helps travelers communicate important details and allows for worry-free leisure. If interested in preparing using this method, travelers interested in taking a family vacation should have a group meeting to discuss all required travel phrases to ensure each members needs are met. Overcoming Mexico English-Spanish Language Barriers Using Technology and Mexican Insurance Online!

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