Online Mexican Insurance Coverage and a Road Trip to Mexico City!

When most people visit Mexico City, they fly there. That makes sense for a number of reasons. However, flying is expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, you may think you can’t visit Mexico’s capital at all. However, why not try a road trip instead? Driving in the city isn’t easy, but driving there is. Online Mexican insurance coverage is required to drive legally and safely south of the border. Even if you don’t drive at all while you’re in the city, you should keep your car insurance for Mexico online valid. You will need it for the drive home.

Mexico City, Mexico – The Angel of Independence

Driving to Mexico City

There are no two ways about it: It’s a long drive to Mexico City. Even if you live relatively close to the border – in Tucson, for example – you are looking at a 23-hour drive. Still, you can always make a pit stop on the way down. Along the way, you’ll get to see parts of Mexico that you’d usually never see. It’s sure to be one experience that you will never forget.


There are numerous reasons to park your car and not use it at all while you’re in Mexico City, but you shouldn’t allow your online Mexican insurance coverage to lapse in the meantime. With any luck, your hotel will have free or affordable parking. In that case, you can just park your car when you get there and leave it until you’re ready to leave. If the hotel where you’re staying has exorbitantly expensive parking rates, search nearby lots and parking structures. Just don’t plan on driving while you’re there. It’s simply too complicated.

Getting home

As long as your car insurance for Mexico online remains in effect, you will be able to head back home without any worries at all. In the event that it does lapse, call your provider right away. As long as you’ve purchased your online Mexican insurance coverage from a reputable car insurance for Mexico online company, you should be able to get it extended it over the phone without any complications. Don’t attempt to drive home without valid car insurance for Mexico online. If you get into an accident, all bets will be off and you will most likely end up in jail. You will also have to pay a lot of money out of your own pocket.

Buy online Mexican insurance coverage before you leave!

online Mexican insurance coverage

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  • Ephraim Atchison
    June 5, 2013 6:52 pm

    Many people who visit Mexico fly but for those who are on a tight budget they drive down instead since flying is costly. In order to go for a road trip to the south of the border it is important to buy Mexican insurance cover for your car because the cops will hold you in an accident.

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