OK, but Mexican Car Insurance is NOT Required by Law!


Senor Mex Says: Overall, this article is pretty good. I can’t help but bristle at the mention of online Mexican car insurance being required by law, though. That’s actually not true. Although you would be very foolish to go without Mexican car insurance, it is not actually required by law. You cant get into trouble for going without it unless you are involved in an accident. Since you never know when an accident may happen, though, it’s crucial to keep quality insurance throughout any visit to Mexico. Telling people that it is required by law is deliberately misleading; they need to understand that, while it’s highly recommended, it is not actually mandatory. I know the distinction is quite small, but it is still there and should be brought to light. The bottom line is that driving without Mexican car insurance coverage is very, very foolish.

Adult Resorts Mexico Excerpt:

“Even if you are not at fault, under Mexican law, motorists are required to have Mexican auto insurance, or officials will want proof of financial responsibility and will expect you to post a bond to cover estimated costs before you will be released. Financial responsibility can be demonstrated either by possession of cash, approximately,000.00-,000.00, or by possession of Mexican car insurance through an authorized company.”

Don’t run the risk of sitting behind bars during what was supposed to be a fun-filled Mexican vacation; always go online to buy high-quality Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store before you go.

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