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Puerto Nuevo fishing village – Entrance

Mexican Insurance Coverage – Off the Beaten Path to the Rosarito’s Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village

Mexico is full of small communities and towns that beckon visitors to just stop and take in their unique qualities, especially in terms of dining. In either case, get authentic Mexican insurance before you set out. Online you can find excellent Mexico auto insurance in no time. Puerto Nuevo, the lobster village of Baja California Norte, is such a spot, now famous for its wonderful langosta that is served throughout the year. You might want to stop en route to Ensenada or Cabo San Lucas, or you might make the 30-minute trip past the border just to enjoy the lobster for yourself.

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Background on the Lobster Village

The small fishing community dates to the mid-1950s, when a family settled because of reports of an ample supply of lobsters in the area. The village really only consisted of a few families in its early days, and their living was earned by catching lobsters. As the men returned from a day at sea on their pangas, the women prepared the traditional side dishes that are found in practically all Mexican communities, large or small. Beans, rice, and tortillas were a given, and they did not require refrigeration. Lard was used for cooking the lobster, which was served with mayonnaise. This is how many of today’s Puerto Nuevo lobster restaurants now serve their main dish today.

Foreigners began to seek fishing opportunities in the community, and this is how they were introduced to the village variations in serving lobster. This led to the growth of the community through the years, which today boasts more than 30 restaurants.

Dining Tips for Puerto Nuevo

In selecting a restaurant, it may be difficult to decide. In fact, many of the menus are quite similar in nature. It is helpful to note that the larger lobsters are tough, and small lobsters are illegal. A weight of approximately 1 lb. is ideal. Additionally, it is helpful to keep seasonal lobster issues in mind. Lobster harvesting is illegal in Baja from the middle of February through the middle of September. During this time, restaurants with significant resources and connections are more likely to import fresh lobster. However, there are many small restaurants that rely on a frozen supply during this time period. Opt for the larger restaurants during this travel period for the freshest selection. Consider Casa de la Langosta, Villa Ortega’s, or Sandra’s, three of the top-rated lobster stops according to tourists.

Getting to Puerto Nuevo

Mexican insurance coverage and crossing the border, you will travel approximately 34 miles to reach Puerto Nuevo on Mexican Highway 1. There is a small cost to drive on the toll road, but this is worth the price. In an accident on the toll road, your Mexico auto insurance is supplemented by toll insurance. Exits will be clearly marked, making it easy to reach your destination.

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Mexican insurance is required!

If you will be enjoying a late dinner, you might want to consider spending the night in nearby Rosarito, in which case weekend Mexico auto insurance is appropriate. If you will stop in Puerto Nuevo as you travel to a destination farther south, be sure that your Mexican insurance coverage is consistent with your itinerary in terms of liability Mexico auto insurance. One stop in Puerto Nuevo might result in a continuing tradition as you enjoy the village’s specialty for years to come.

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