Obey the Speed Limit in Mexico!

The checkpoint for vehicles from the United States entering Mexico at the Calexico border station in California, on the border with the Mexican city of Mexicali.

Like most people, you probably understand the need for speed limits and obey them during your day-to-day life. For some reason, though, many people quit obeying the speed limit when they are in foreign countries. Sometimes, thats because of sheer carelessness – they dont take the time to convert the foreign country’s posted speed limits. Other times, they simply feel that the law doesnt apply to them since they arent on their home turf.

Make Sure You Have Mexican Auto Insurance

If you do speed and are pulled over, make sure that you can produce Mexico insurance. The authorities will want to see that you have valid Mexico auto insurance. Mexican auto insurance by MexicanInsuranceStore is especially vital if you are in an accident. Everyday, people without Mexican insurance get into accidents and end up being detained by the authorities. The simplest way to avoid this unhappy circumstance is by purchasing Mexican insurance. A few quick minutes online – and a small amount of money – will get you a great policy.

Watch Out for Speed Bumps!

Mexican drivers are notorious for driving erratically and quickly. For one reason or another, the threat of tickets doesn’t seem to deter most south-of-the-border drivers. As a result, the authorities have devised some startling ways to slow people down. One of the most famous examples is the tope. Topes are massive speed bumps that stop speeders in their tracks. If you disregard one and try to drive over it at a high rate of speed, you could seriously damage your car – or even end up in an accident. Watch out for topes at all costs. If youre thinking about driving into Mexico, its critical to obey the posted speed limits at all times. Depending on where youre going in the country, you may notice that many drivers blatantly ignore the speed limit; dont follow their leads. As a tourist, you are far more likely to be stopped by the police. Besides, the last thing you want is to drop a whole lot of vacation money on speeding fines or gratuties.

Beware of Aggressive Drivers

No matter where you are from in the U.S. or Canada, you’re probably certain that drivers in your local area are exceedingly aggressive and out of control. After driving in Mexico for a while, though, they will seem downright tame. The driving culture in Mexico is one of aggressiveness and speed. Don’t employ an “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality about this; in doing so, you could put yourself in serious danger. Instead, steer clear of aggressive drivers and give them a wide berth. In the end, it will save you a lot of trouble.

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