Nice Review of Rocky Point!

Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco, Mexico is also known as Rocky Point.


Senor Mex says: This is a nice, concise overview of Rocky Point, Mexico! Every year, Rocky Point becomes more and more popular with tourists and expatriates alike. Fortunately, there’s plenty of room to spare in Rocky Point; furthermore, there’s plenty of room for expansion, too. The town never feels crowded, and the people there couldn’t be friendlier. Of course, those who live there have valid, year-round Mexican car insurance. Those who merely visit on weekends, though, need to buy Mexican car insurance coverage for each trip. That’s not the only option; many times, people buy yearly insurance policies so that they don’t have to worry about buying coverage every time they head down to Rocky Point. That’s especially common with Arizona residents, who consider Rocky Point to be the state’s only real beach – even though it’s not even in the U.S.! All told, this is a great piece!

“Rocky Point Mexico, a.k.a. Puerto Penasco, has a reputation for sport fishing and fun adventure along the Sea of Cortes. Located one hour from the Arizona border, Rocky Point is a great weekend choice for those wanting to get away for a few days of beachside fun.”

Read the entire AutoRoll post. Don’t head down to Rocky Point without Mexican car insurance from, whether you are visiting for a day, a week, or a month! Going without Mexican insurance for Rocky Point is a really bad idea!

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