Nice Point about Longer Term Mexican Insurance!

Senor Mex Says: Your advice about buying long-term or annual Mexican insurance is spot-on. While daily or weekly policies are cheap enough – and buying Mexican insurance online is quite easy – it gets old having to buy them again and again. If you find yourself south of the border on a regular enough basis, its well worth it to buy quality Mexican insurance. Year-long coverage is generally very cheap and only 10-15% more than 6 month coverage. Many Americans and Canadians are flabbergasted by just how cheap it is. Once you see the total bill, you’re bound to go ahead and buy a yearly policy. Once you have one, you can traipse down to Mexico whenever the mood strikes. You wont have to make any special arrangements or do anything to get ready; the freedom is sure to be intoxicating. Post

” It is Less Expensive to Purchase a Six-Month or Annual Policy, as opposed to multiple short-term policies. If you find yourself visiting Mexico often, or are a part-time resident, having a six-month or annual Mexican insurance for your car will bring not only a robust set of coverage benefits but also peace of mind.”

If you are a regular visitor to Mexico, look into buying yearly Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Its low price and the ease of buying it are sure to win you over.

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