New Car, New Mexican Insurance Policy

If your holiday season has included receipt of a new car as a gift, you may be ready to take it across the border as you enjoy the features and test the limits. Before you go, remember that a new Mexican insurance policy for visitors is necessary. Mexico auto insurance covers one vehicle, making it necessary to generate a fresh quote based on your new vehicle’s features.

Coastal cove between Ensenada and La Bufadora on coast of Baja California Mexico

Priority Features of Your Mexican Insurance Policy for Visitors

As you take a few moments to research coverage options, you will want to consider the consequences of an accident. Although you are apt to drive carefully in your new vehicle, accidents can be serious in any country and can occur in spite of your best precautions. The most serious error you can make in advance of an accident is failing to carry sufficient Mexico auto insurance. As you make your selections, the following issues are important:

  • Value of your vehicle

    – whether your vehicle is brand new or new to you, your input should accurately reflect the condition and value of the car. Over-valuing will cost more than necessary on your Mexico auto insurance premium. And under-valuing will leave you with a shortfall if you damage your vehicle.

  • Type of coverage

    – a liability-only Mexican insurance policy for visitors won’t address your damages in an accident. While it will meet your legal and financial obligations if you are responsible for an accident, you may want to consider full coverage to ensure that your own losses are mitigated in case of a wreck.

  • Timing

    – A short-term Mexican insurance policy is appropriate. This is especially true if you aren’t sure that you will visit Mexico more than a couple of times. You can always upgrade to a long-term policy later. This usually happens if a person falls in love with the scenery, food, or culture. If you already know that you will be traveling across the border often, you may want to start out with a long-term option from the start.

  • One policy per vehicle

    – your Mexico auto insurance is created on a per-vehicle basis. Your policy does not transfer to other vehicles although it can be used by multiple drivers who have licenses and who are at least 21 years old.

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