Must Have Shoes When Traveling to Mexico!

Small shoe store in Naolinco, Veracruz, Mexico.

Mexico Vacation Packing: Shoe Checklist. Often overlooked, shoes are one of the most important clothing items Mexican travelers will need. Formal dinners, water activities and hikes in Mexican rainforests will all require travelers to pack a separate pair of shoes. Also needed with these different shoes are various types of socks. Since most people will be walking many miles during their vacation, purchasing socks made from 100% cotton or those containing moisture-wicking fabric will help keep travelers feet dry.

Before driving to Mexico make sure to purchase Mexican Insurance at Buying Mexican Insurance is required to drive your vehicle in Mexico because US or Canadian car insurance is not valid in Mexico and you will be detained in an at fault accident. Review rate comparisons by clicking Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians.

Bringing more than one pair of walking shoes is necessary; especially for travelers interested in multiple sightseeing opportunities. Each day, shoes should be rotated to allow the previous days pair of shoes to air-out. Even if not planning on walking every day, bringing another pair of walking shoes will serve as a back-up pair in case one is unusable due to rain, becomes lost or needs to be replaced.

Travelers interested in taking advantage of Mexicos oceans should purchase some aqua shoes. Because there are jellyfish and other stinging creatures who sometimes lie on ocean floors, wearing a pair of aqua shoes will help protect travelers feet. Other types of recreating shoes include specialty ones for travelers interested in playing golf, tennis, hiking through Mexican canyons or visiting Mexican rainforests.

When packing shoes, if a particular type of shoes is uncomfortable and must be brought, be sure to pack a “foot emergency kit”. This should include Band-Aids, blister treatments, foot soaks and other foot treatments. Women will definitely want to take advantage of these preparations, as many formal evening shoes tend to be uncomfortable. Another option to assist tired or sore feet, regardless of gender, is to take advantage of resort spas. Pedicures, foot massages and reflexology sessions help soothe tired feet and rejuvenate them; making them fresh and ready to explore. Be sure to mention you are a hotel guest when making reservations, as discounts may be given for preferred guests. Must Have Shoes When Traveling to Mexico!

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