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Mexico insurance policy

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Mexico insurance policy – Money tips while on vacation in Mexico

With Greek banks putting a limit on access to currency, the stock market has taken an initial hit as the world watches to see how the situation plays out. As a traveler who is planning to go to Mexico, you may not think that Greece’s woes have any bearing on your own travel activities. However, this is a good time to think through your own currency needs for vacation. What would you do if you couldn’t access your bank account during your trip? Your Mexico insurance policy may help in one respect. After all, car insurance for Mexico includes travel assistance features, and you could contact the hotline for assistance if you need to identify places for withdrawing money.

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It may be tempting to simply travel with a stash of cash, planning to avoid the Mexican banking system altogether. While this could work for a short trip, a longer trip may leave you short of dollars and pesos as you pay for food, gas, and lodging. Don’t expect to pay for everything with credit cards either. If your funds are strictly in cash, for example, an encounter with a pickpocket or other criminal could leave you wondering how you will be able to afford getting home. If you strictly operate with plastic, you may have a hard time paying for any needs in small communities. Strike a reasonable balance to avoid severe situations.

What if I have currency problems at a bank?

You can typically use a credit or debit card to withdraw money at an ATM although you may pay high transaction fees. However, it is important to monitor your receipt and withdrawal to ensure that amounts match. Avoid ATMs that retain your card during the transaction as there may be occasions on which the card won’t be returned, causing distress and serious inconvenience.

Remember to pick up a Mexico insurance policy before taking leaving

Pro Tip: Mexico insurance policy coverage is required to use the toll roads.

Mexico car insurance can be handled online while you are at home, allowing you to operate in your home currency as you address this need. If you need to extend your coverage, you can do so online with the same financial information as you used for your initial purchase.

Mexico insurance policy coverage from comes with Roadside Assistance at no additional cost for peace of mind! 

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